How Many Trees Make A Forest?

Is 45 trees enough to make a forest?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I sure hope so, because a forest quilt is what was intended!

This was my happy project this week.  I built nine super scrappy blocks using THIS TUTORIAL.   There are more than 40 different green fabrics and a wide assortment of brown/tan/gold/orange in the trunks.  You might not think of orange when you think of tree trunks, but I think it adds interest and whimsy.


I added a 1-1/2″ strip of background fabric on alternating columns to give a more organic or natural look to the layout.  I have second-guessed myself several times thinking maybe I should have made it offset a little left and right, too, but it is pretty good as is.


This counts as one of the 52, but is intended as a gift for Kevin (now known as Max),  our newest grandson.  He is doing better every day.  We trust that continued love and work will help him overcome his rough start on life.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.


I have made some progress on the fairy quilt, but it is currently stalled for lack of ideas.


This isn’t a great picture, but hopefully you can get the idea of where I am.  It is time for some sort of setting blocks, but what to do?  More white is too white, I think.  But…what would work?  Suggestions appreciated.

Thanks!  You are the best readers ever.


I have updated the Assembly and Borders post to include directions for all three sizes–SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.  Take a look (and let me know if there are errors!)


Thank you for quilting along.

Remember our show and tell for tops (or whatever stage you are at) coming up August 10.  Keep pictures and links coming.

Strings Finally Finished

The last time I have a record of working on this quilt was August 2013.   I know it set around for quite a while.  (The nice thing about re-reading that post is that all three projects are now complete!) Obviously, I worked on it again later because it started this year as a finished top.


Now it is a finished quilt.


Yay me!


I quilted it myself on my faithful Pfaff 130.  You can’t really see it in these pictures, but I just did a giant spiral starting at the point of the square and then working out around and around.  There are some rough points where I forgot to make sure the needle was down before repositioning the quilt.  Oh well, I was trying for done not perfect.

This is not counted as one of the 52 (see above).  It is a nice throw size (45″ x 54″) and will join another quilt and an afghan in my classroom.  Students sometimes get cold, or don’t feel well, or just want to be wrapped in a hug.  Quilts add to the atmosphere of being welcome to learn, at least I think so.

More Leftovers

This is the end, I think, of the leftover 2-1/2″ squares that were sewn into groups of various sizes and then not used in a quilt.



At least they are now two more quilts that ARE finished and they add to the 52 in 2015 inventory.  We’re getting there.



I can be happy about that.  Another quilt is at the binding stage  which means there is only one quilt left from that pile of lost motivation that I shared a few weeks ago.  Not too bad.  Thanks for all the encouragement you sent me.  It really helped.

And I am working on a new quilt that I really DO like (pictures coming soon).  It is a quilt for Baby Kevin, that lovely addition to our family.  Thanks particularly for your good wishes and support.  The auction raised over $1700 and some additional contributions to his YOU CARING  site.  That leaves only about $1000 to go.  Amazing!  We are so blessed.

Baby Kevin

Number One Son and his wife have been married eleven years.  Last July they were finally able to adopt and brought Rockwell into our family.  What joy!


The first week of July this year they were surprised and thrilled to suddenly be offered another baby–Kevin.  Kevin is 6 months old and comes from a very sad background.  For six months he was left to lay in a crib–unloved, underfed, uncared for.  But, now he is part of our family.

The expenses are high and they have put together all the money they can to cover the many bills that are in their lives.

This evening and tomorrow they are holding a fundraising auction.  I have contributed a quilt, but there are many more items and services available.  Take a look if you would like and maybe you will find just what you are looking for:

You can also donate directly HERE:


ps–For those doing the math, yes, they have a one year old and a six month old.  Not quite twins, but close enough…

pps–You can see by the pictures above that I have adorable grandchildren–That is Rockwell on the left and Kevin on the right.  He has already gained a lot of weight and found a smile.  The pictures when they got him just three weeks ago are too sad to show.  Amazing what food, love, baths and play will do for a baby.

Two-And-A-Half Cats

This little quilt (32″ x 32″) is made from more squares leftover from experimental quilt ideas that didn’t go anywhere.


The size was determined by the backing fabric.  I was given a small piece (34″ x WOF) of this wonderful cat fabric and it felt like exactly the right thing.


Babies are small…at least in the beginning.

In all there are 256 2-1/2″ squares…and cats.  And they are now a quilt…Ta-dah!