Thankful For Finished Quilts

Before leaving town to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday, Sparkle Jane and I worked really hard to get several baby quilts ready for binding.  Ten hours in a car is a great time to stitch.

We took six quilts with us and returned with six finished.  YAY!  This brings our 52 in 2015 count up to 43 complete.  There are several more waiting in the wings.  I really think we will make it before the end of the year.

If you look closely many of you will see donated pieces of fabric lovingly shared.  THANK YOU!

You can see all the finished quilts and read more details on the project in the 52 in 2015 tab above.


Six Squared Rainbow

Sometime in 2011 I started sewing together rainbow colored 2″ squares.  Over the next years I mentioned the project from time to time.  HERE I had three blocks finished.  HERE it made a Works in Progress List.  HERE is another update.  The top was completed in 2013.


Well, the whole thing is done now.  Took me long enough.

But it is worth the wait–I LOVE THIS QUILT.

And, look at the backing–totally unnecessary gorgeousness.


Tara did a great job on the quilting.  I sent her an ugly little sketch, and she sent me back this!


I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but I am certainly relieved to be a the end of this particular rainbow.


ps–The quilt finishes at about 80″ square.  I am not doing a tutorial for this one.  It has been too long and I am ready to move on.


The Calico Rose Quiltalong was a success beyond my wildest dreams.  How do I know?  Because all of you keep telling me so by sharing your pictures of finished work and works in progress.  They are all so beautiful it makes me want to start another one!

Here is some inspiration…

Karlai has a beautiful color scheme and wonderful quilting, too.

20151031_214545 20151031_214410 20151031_214508

Charlene shared her top.  She had such a good time that she has convinced two friends to give it a try.  They are cutting and collecting 2″ squares.  YES!  Spread the quilting obsession…

stars 001

Julie worked her way to a beautiful finish and used some leftover squares to make matching pillow cases.  What a clever idea!  Around here I sometimes say there is no leftover fabric, just fabric that hasn’t been used yet!


Emma has a finished top (currently seen doubling as window covering).  I like the pops of orange.


Veronica did the large (7×7) size and says it fits her queen size bed perfectly.


Thanks to all for sharing their lovely work.  If you have a quilt or an update, send it along!

Christmas For The Grands: Twin L.

The second half of the twin set L. and V. is a 3-1/2-year old boy who loves his cars, tools and other noisy and construction oriented things.  Some of you might remember that last year he got a tool belt.


This year’s gift is a little different…All rolled up…Guess  it…


This year he gets a car caddy race track. Don’t you want to play, too?!


Thanks to this very good tutorial, I was able to whip it up in no time.  I did a number of tweaks, of course.  The main one was changing out the felt track for canvas and iron on tape.  The track is now smooth and fast for those little cars.

Christmas is still a month away!  How is this granny going to wait?

Christmas For The Grands: Twin V.

We are the happy grandparents of 5 (Second Son just announced that #6 is on the way).  I may not always be able to give them a grandma-made-it-Christmas, but at least this year that is the plan.  Here is the first finished item:  A fairy dress with matching baby doll skirt for Twin V, who is 3-1/2 years old.


The bodice is made of a 6″ stretch crochet tube purchased at Joanns.  Other than that it is all hand-me-down fabric and leftovers.

The results are so fun and happy!  I just wish she were here to model it. Ah, Christmas comes slowly for children and eager grandmothers.

Dreaming Quilts

Monday morning I woke up with a quilt in my head.  I made my way downstairs and drew it out in my sketchbook, quickly, before it could be lost.  (very realistic, not very glamorous picture follows)

Each square is 2 inches.
Each square is 2 inches.

Do you ever do that?

It was a busy week, so the making of the quilt had to wait until this weekend.


But now it is a top. Pretty much like I dreamed.


I like it when that happens.

ps–The quilt finishes at 36″ square.  Each strip is 2-1/2″ wide to start (finished at 2″).

Three Thousand Six Hundred…So Far

Friday night I finished stitching together block 36 of 36.  Well, the centers of the blocks.  It totals 3,600 squares to this point.


Ok, let’s be honest–there is still a very long ways to go, but we have to celebrate each little victory on our way to a finish.  Right?

These blocks are 10 x 10 and made from 1-1/2″ squares.  I have planned a Hundred Patch quilt using them.  Considering I started in February this year, and use it as a leader-ender, it isn’t going too badly.

I made two Hundred Patch quilts using 2″ squares in the past and neither lives with me.  I am betting this quilt will be a keeper.