On A Personal Note

On September 20 I received a call from the psych ward of a hospital in Georgia that my sister-in-law was there and had been for a week.  It had taken this long to figure out who she was and find relatives.

The entire story is too long and too tragic to tell here, but what happened is she finally reached the end of the line in a life of heavy alcoholic drinking.  She has developed alcoholic dementia, Korsakoff syndrome, alcoholic neuropathy and avascular necrosis.  All UGLY things.

Last week, October 15, after more than a month in the hospital, she was moved to a long-term care center (nursing home/rehab center). Two days later, October 17, was her 57th birthday.

I flew there on Thursday, October 18 and was there until Sunday, October 21.  Lots of paperwork.  Cleaning out her old place.  Getting the things she needs.  Making her as comfortable as possible.

Her fragile mental and physical condition, along with details of health insurance, make a cross-country move (approximately 2100 miles) impossible at this time.  Her brother (my husband) and mother (MIL) are both contributing to the effort, but I am best-suited to the fieldwork, so to speak.

Anyway, that is a lot to share, but it helps explain my relative lack of sewing and posts lately.  There has just been a lot going on.

Seeing Stars: Finished Top

Whew!  I really wanted to get this one pieced and off the design floor.  Husband was really tired of stepping around it.

Hopefully I will get the back finished (secret piecing project) by the end of the week and move it towards a complete finish soon.

Thanks, Melissa, for such a dynamic design.