THE Hundred Patch Quilt

Nearly three years ago I got the notion that I  could take my standard Hundred Patch quilt and change the scale.  Instead of basing it on 2″ squares, why not 1-1/2″?


It turns out that there are probably several reason why not, but I forged ahead anyway.  I knew I would need A LOT of 1-1/2″ squares, so I made a point of cutting scrap nearly daily for a year.  That way I had a good supply built up.  Many of the pieces of fabric were very small, but they were enough and over time the box was looking good.

2015-02-07 16.09.49

February 2015 was my start date for piecing.  As some of you know, last year was the year of baby quilts around here, but this got a lot of sewing time anyway as my leader-ender.  Just put some squares next to my machine and rarely leave a needle empty.


April 2016 saw a finished top, only 14 months in the making.


It look a while to find the perfect back, get it to the quilter and get it home again. Waiting was hard.  I felt like a piece of myself (or, rather, 5700+ pieces of myself) was missing.  We have been together for a long time.


But now it is finished and I am so pleased.


It is hard to photograph due to size and sun and dirt and all the things that are reality in our lives.  But, here it is.  Thank you to all who have followed and supported this journey.  Scrappy happy!


THE Hundred Patch quilt is complete.  Binding it has been the focus of my last few days.


Some people don’t like binding, but it might be my favorite part.  Why?  Because until the binding is done, all you have is fabric, batting and thread.  Once the binding is complete, you truly have a quilt.

More pictures and a full story coming soon, but I wanted to share this much so you can celebrate with me.

One Piece

While visiting my parents, my mother offered to take me on an outing to the nearest quilt shop:  Kathy’s Fabric Trunk.

It is a big shop for a little town.  Del Norte, Colorado has a population of about 1700.  I am certain the fabric store must have been the busiest store in town that day.


There was one piece of fabric that just had to come home with me.  I cleaned out the bolt.  So sad that it was only 1-1/2 yards.😦

But, it will back a future baby quilt with enough left over to make the centers of some scrappy blocks.  Yep, I can practically see the quilt already.

Four Days

Last night, Sunday, I returned from a four day trip out of state ALONE to visit my parents.  It was just the three of us and I had a lovely time: chatting, working and generally enjoying the company.

As I reflect on the trip I realize that it has been four days since I last touched my sewing machine.  That doesn’t happen very often.  The last time was when I had pneumonia two years ago.

Today should bring some sewing time and get my world back in balance.  What about you?  Do you sew daily?  What happens when you miss your regular schedule?