Sparkle Jane Finish: Blue Bargello

Sparkle Jane has waited a long time for this finish.


She started the quilt about six years ago (age 13).  The piecing went well, but then it was time for quilting.  She started hand quilting it, got about half way and decided that she didn’t like the way it looked.


And TORE IT ALL OUT.  Painful!


And then put the quilt away.


But now it was time.  The quilting looks a lot like water over stones.  Which is perfect for the pattern.  Finish size is 82″ x 63″.

THROWBACK: Hundred Hugs Top

It has been fun to revisit my own tutorials from several years ago.


And I have a Hundred Hugs top to show for it.


The colors were chosen to match the proposed back.


Hopefully it will be a complete quilt soon.  The baby is on the way!