Quilts On Floors

How do you feel about quilts on floors?

What if the “quilt” is made of tile?


The saga of the kitchen continues.  We are using salvage tile–some we were given, some were leftovers on job sites, some were purchased as surplus.  The price is right.  We are using the garage as a “design floor” while we work out the details.  Quickly.  Cabinets are still coming Saturday…

Kitchen Update


The kitchen renovation is coming along.  Last Saturday we tore out the last of the cabinets–sink, stove and all.


During this week we have worked towards being able to replace them.  Saturday night ended with the floor prepared for tile and the insulation hung.

In between we encountered some of the unexpected things one expects during a renovation, including some really ugly wiring that probably should have burned our house down.  And didn’t.

Next is drywall and tile.

Cabinets come next Saturday. Ready or not.

Food Scraps

The lunch lady quilt is now complete.  Based on the Bear Scraps pattern, I call my version “Food Scraps.”

It was such a fun quilt to make and very bright.  Naturally.

I did alter the pattern by adding two small borders–one around the blocks and one outside the pieces squares border.  Finished size is about 57″ x 71″.

The quilting was done by me using the Pipeline panto.  I need to practice getting my points more pointy and this was great for that.

It will be delivered today.

This Used To Be My Kitchen

Saturday was the BIG DAY–tear out time!


Next steps are to cut out the flooring all the way to the joists.  You can see old mold damage (before our time) in the back corner near the pipes.  That has got to go.  Also, the walls are being taken down to re-route electrical lines and insulate the exterior walls.

For the next two weeks (at least) we are cooking in the microwave and washing up in plastic tubs filled in the bathroom.

People have done more with less.  And it will be so worth it in the end.