Another New-Old Project

2016 has been a great year for finishing old projects.  In fact, the supply is running low and I am starting to look around for new projects for the new year.  Until then, I have a few old projects left to pull out and make a decision about.


This is Tile Works, a bunch of blocks based on one from the 100-blocks magazines (way back–#2, I think).

There are 23 blocks created so far.  I don’t hate them, but I have trouble seeing them as a complete quilt.  It will need sashing…what colors to use?  Not scrappy, I think.  And colored cornerstones of some kind.  And an interesting outer border, perhaps echoing at least part of the block pattern.

Thirty blocks, plus sashing and borders, would make a reasonable queen-size quilt.  I think I have seven more blocks in me for this project.  Maybe I can even finish it before the end of the year…

A Different Thanksgiving

We usually travel to Colorado to visit my parents and other family members for Thanksgiving.  This year Husband has a new job (one of many things we are grateful for) that means he has to work on Friday (day after Thanksgiving), and the trip was not practical.

Staying wasn’t a bad thing, but I really couldn’t cook a proper Thanksgiving dinner for just four people.  What to do?  Tuesday morning I woke up with an idea:  Firefighters.  After talking with the local station I found that they had no real plans for the day.  “We just try to make a little something here,” the captain said.

My offer to deliver dinner was enthusiastically received.  “And, we really like pie,” he added.


How about a lot of pie?


So, along with the typical turkey-day dishes, we made five kinds of pie:  peach, apple, pumpkin (of course), coconut and raisin sour cream (an old-fashioned pie much loved in my family).  We cut several slices of each and delivered them on trays like a buffet.  The men were amazed, and my daughter was sure they were counting slices and dividing by the number present before we were out the door.

Our dinner will taste sweeter by taking some time to serve those who serve us.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

The Quilt, Formerly Known As Ugly

Things have been quiet on the blog lately.  There has been a lot going on at school and at home (nothing bad, just busy)….



pieced borders take a long time.

Meet “Batik Hollow,”  the quilt formerly known as Ugly.

Not so much now.


The additional colors helped.  And finishing helps.  After all, finished is nearly as good as perfect.

The pattern is called Blessings from the Hollow from the book Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett. I added blocks for a finished top about 66″ x 80″.  Enough for a twin bed or a throw or something.  But mostly it is done and I am very happy.


On to other things.