Finding Something Special

Saturday morning Husband and I visited a few yard sales. At the very first one, I spotted something nearly too good to be true.

Really?! ONE DOLLAR?!

“Yes,” said the woman running the sale. “My grandmother always said it was her mother’s. It is 100 years old.”

It isn’t 100 years old. But it might be 70 or 80 years old.

In remarkably good condition, except a few popped seams.

I fixed those up with tiny stitches and then faced a daunting decision: To wash or not to wash.


And there was a good reason why.

Finished size: approximately 58″ x 70″.

What a special and unexpected find on a sunny Saturday morning.

Trash Quilt

I don’t mean that I don’t like the quilt, or that I am going to throw it in the trash, but that is where I found it.

Our family helps clean our congregation meeting house from time to time to prepare the building for sabbath worship services. Apparently, an activity had been held in the building and there was a pile of (more than just) scraps in a trash can.

After reviewing the fabric, I settled on rectangles 3″ x5-1/2″ as the best use of fabric. In all, 112 rectangles were needed.

These were sewn into pairs.

And assembled.

ps–The quilt isn’t wavy; the grass needs to be mowed.

And quilted.

And, ta-dah! A quilt. 35″ x 40″

It was such fun to find this small treasure in the trash.

I Love Me A Bargain

Saturday, Husband and I went to a few yard sales in the area. It was my bargain finding day.

TWO queen size batts at $2 each.

A total of about 20 yards of quilting fabric (including two larger pieces suitable for backings) for a total of $9.

Yep, I love me a bargain.

ps–I feel a little guilty because Husband found no good bargains, unless you count that he got to take me (and my bargains) home at the end of it all.

Green Crumb Quilt COMPLETE

I am so pleased at the way this quilt turned out.

Crumb piecing was mostly new for me and I got braver and more creative as it went along, but the blocks seem to blend together pretty well.

THIS TUTORIAL helped with the tilted setting.

The quilt finishes at 55″ square.