Pulling Fabric

A recent scrap bag held a small-ish piece of this fun fish fabric.  It looked like a baby quilt to me.  But at only 15″x18″, what could I do?


I am trying for a 16-block My Size Stars quilt using the fish as 4-1/2″ centers of 12 of the blocks.  The rest will be scrappy-happy.


Pulling fabric is fun.


Too Tired

This is what happens when you are too tired to sew but really need to sew because it has been days.


Oh, well.  I haven’t torn it out yet and might not.  Even as-is it appeals to me more than the seam ripper does right now.🙂

This is block 50 of the Splendid Sampler sew along.  I am only making the pieced blocks that I really like, but I am making two of each to insure I have enough for a good sized quilt in the end.

I’ll try the next one, Block 53, when I am alert and focused and see if the results are more consistent.

Judge’s Choice

So many of you responded kindly and enthusiastically to the news about my Hundred Patch quilt winning “Judge’s Choice” in a local show.  Thank you.  Like me, some of you wondered just what “Judge’s Choice” means.

I asked around and looked it up and here is a summary of what I have learned:

Judge’s Choice is a special award, sometimes for a specific category and sometimes for an entire show.  Judge’s Choice award is a little difficult to define, but it might be called the “favorite” quilt or “the quilt the judge would most like to take home.”  This is the one award in a judged show where objectivity and reasoned evaluation take a back seat to pure subjectivity. In other words, it might not be a technically perfect quilt, but it is appealing.

Well, now we all know.