Coloring Inside The Lines

This top is a response to a charitable quilt challenge.  You start with 10 fat quarters donated by Riley Blake from their Crayola collection of solids.

Crayola Solids Fat Quarter Box

Take them home and make…something.  I decided on this flying geese series.  The top is about 50″ x 60″.


It will be the next one I practice my elementary longarm skills on.

Once finished it will be donated to the Christmas tree jubilee for auction.  If I hear how it does I will share the results.  For now I am glad to have it to the flimsy stage.


What do you think of quilt challenges?  In this case I believe that being forced to “color inside the lines” pushed me to try a design I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.  Overall I feel it was a good experience.

Checking In: Irish Stars

It seems like a good time to check in and see how your Irish Stars blocks are coming along.  If you are new or nearly new, don’t forget you can find all information about this Quilt Along HERE.


As you may have heard, I am making the queen size quilt using 1-1/2″ squares.  I am not saying it is a good idea, but it is the idea I am using at the moment.  It will take 365 blocks total. If my calculations are correct, that is 9749 pieces.


It seems overwhelming, but I am already 63 blocks in…not too bad.


Right now they are just a pile of pieces, but I can glimpse the beautiful quilt they will become.

So, how about you?  How is yours coming?  Remember this is not a race or a contest.  We are each traveling our own road with our own destination.  And, with encouragement and persistence, we will get there.


Cows And Crayons Complete

Two more baby quilts complete.

The cows you have seen before.

Crayons snuck in quickly and behind the scenes.

They are both heading to my parents’ house for distribution to family and friends.  I have three more scheduled for this same purpose.  My parents are very tolerant of my sewing obsession.  A few years ago my mother proudly announced that she now had enough Deanna quilts for every bed in the house.  And she rotates them from time to time.  She is very protective of them, too. Some guests are deemed “not worthy” without even knowing it and the Deanna quilt is removed from the bed and replaced with a store-bought comforter before they arrive if she has any reason to suppose that they might not be appreciative or careful of the quilt.  I think it is a little funny.

These quilts, though, are definitely to be used. Just right for wrapping babies.

Two Weeks In

Summer was all about family, rest and quilting for me.  And it was lovely.

But there are times and seasons and it is now easing into fall and school.  We just finished our second week. IMG_2102The first week is all high emotion and nerves and settling in.  You remember how it is… The second week is all about Opening Camp.  If you have been with me for a while you know about this tradition.




We take the entire middle school–grades 6,7, and 8 (about 180 students ages 11-14)–to the woods for school.  The experience starts at school on Wednesday with introductory activities and classes.  After school the 8th graders and some teachers go to the camp site to set up and have a leadership retreat of classes and service to prepare for the younger students the next day.


The younger students and the rest of the teachers get on busses at school and join them Thursday morning.  We are all together for more learning, experiences, fun and games until Friday afternoon when we all return to the school tired, dirty and successful.
IMG_6029Then we all go home with a weekend to recover.


Yes, it is probably crazy, but we have done it for several years and believe it is worth the time, effort, cost and fatigue.

I love my job and am privileged to work with great people and such good students.  It makes it all worthwhile.  I regularly say that, next to being a wife and mother, being a teacher is the best job I have ever had.