Sweet Scrappy Saturday

Sparkle Jane (Daughter) has started a scrappy sewing group that meets at her shop once a month and makes items for donation.

The favorite project these days is the Welcome Home blocks (tutorial coming sometime soon) that are assembled to make large couch or twin sized quilts (60″ x 80″).

Sparkle Jane herself did the assembly work on my “new” Featherweight. It sews straight and true.

And in the end we had one completed top and only 6 blocks short of second. YAY! Next day scheduled for November 21.

Blue Bear Tracks Top Complete

I am SO HAPPY with how this quilt looks so far.

It is a perfect scrappy pattern (I added the extra inner and outer border for size) and it looks so nice in blue.

My mother says it reminds her a little of the Starry Night paining by Picasso.

Maybe a little…

Will You Let Loose Of Dr. Seuss?

NOTE: It looks like I have what I was looking for. THANK YOU so much to all who offered. Aren’t we glad our friends have good stashes?!

I am looking for some Dr. Seuss fabric to make a baby quilt for Anna, our former exchange student from Germany. Do you have some you would let loose of? It doesn’t have to be much, even small scraps can be turned into a quilt for a little person. I am happy to pay for fabric and shipping.

Birthday Stunner

Sparkle Jane (Daughter) and Husband really pulled one off this year.

A true stunner.

A carefully planned surprise.


I probably would never have bought one for myself, but I am now the proud (and still a little shocked) owner of a 1951 Centennial Featherweight.

In a case and with numerous original accessories.

Good heavens!

No I haven’t sewn with it yet. Must recover and read the manual first. But you can count on updates soon.


Yep, today (October 10) I am 52 years old.

When I started quilting, I was a young-ish quilter (28). But, time passes.

And that is not a bad thing.

I know I have been nearly absent, but the demands of 2020 generally and teaching specifically have stretched me (as is true of many of us). But, life is beautiful and I am so glad to be here.

HAPPY Birthday!

ps–The picture is me at an activity day at school.

Joyful Weekend

If you enjoy my Joyful Sabbath posts, consider joining me, and many others, for General Conference Weekend.

It is the source of most of the quotes and ideas I share. If you are looking for inspiration and peace and hope, it might be just the place for you. Feel free to listen along as you sew this weekend, or any time.