How to Finish UFOs

Haunted by UFOs? Melanie has some great insights that might help.

Catbird Quilt Studio

UFO:Unfinished Object; an art or crafting project that was begun but not finished, with some extended delay in making progress toward completion. The creator still intends to complete it, differentiating it from an abandoned project. UFO is a common term in quilting and knitting, but can apply to other creative endeavors such as writing, scrapbooking, painting, etc.

Over the last year or so, I’ve seen a lot more emphasis in quilting blogs on UFOs. Last year was a movement toward “A Lovely Year of Finishes,” complete with a button, goal setting, and linky parties. This year’s version is “One Monthly Goal,” or OMG. I love that these encourage quilters to complete their projects, just as Stashbusters has been doing for years.

But the question often comes up of what to do with projects you DON’T WANT TO FINISH. It just isn’t going to turn out the way you’d…

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Soggy Holiday Sewing

Today is MLK Day in the US and a day off of school.  It was declared a “get things done” day by Husband and he and I each tackled a project.

He cleaned and organized a section of the basement.  No pictures of this, but he feels very successful and I am happy, too.

I got to sew.



I tackled another of the WIP’s:  Barn Quilt.  This project came to me in a hand-me-down pile of fabric.  My first realization was that I have no idea why I called it “barn quilt.”  It has houses on it, not barns.  The second realization was that is didn’t need much.

The top is now as finished as it is going to be and I have a prepared back and binding.  Finished size will be about 45″ x 60″.  A small throw, but not too bad.


Again, there is a pillow to go with it.  You might notice that there is very little of the red from the top.  That is because there wasn’t much left–barely enough for the binding.  I dug through scraps and found similar reds and just mixed them in and pretended that was what was intended all along.  It adds a little texture and is a successful illusion, I hope.


It just needs quilting and will be ready for donation.  The school holds a fundraiser in the spring and I might put this with the auction.  Alternately, it will be a second quilt set for the women’s shelter.

Two projects (mostly) off my list already–I am back in business!



One Step Forward. Two Steps Back.

Over the holidays I was a veritable house on fire with ambition.  I cleaned.  I sorted.  I prioritized.  I made lists.  I was off to a great start.

Then I got sick.  Not pneumonia this time.  Strep instead.

That is why you have heard and seen nothing from me.  There wasn’t much to hear or see.  Except pain and fatigue.

I wasn’t trying to be noble or stubborn.  Again, my symptoms weren’t classic, and I didn’t recognize how sick I was until it could be ignored and coped with no longer.

Thursday I finally broke down and went to the doctor.  Antibiotics are amazing!

So, yesterday, Saturday, I was able to do a few things.  I chose an item off my WIP list, the Fairy Quilt, and made some decisions:


  1. For a while I went back and forth trying to decide if it was done or not, but this time I have really made up my mind:  IT IS DONE.  It is going out to the quilter this week.  When it comes back, it will be bound and prepared to be my annual donation to the local women’s shelter fundraiser.


2. Just a quilt doesn’t seem like quite enough, so I made this pillow to go with it.  Together they will make a nice set and someone will see them and say, “That is just right for my (grand)daughter’s room!”

So, that will be a finish for January.  Hopefully I can keep a one-a-month schedule for the year.  Is that too much to hope for?

That Is A Lot Of Quilts

We took the quilts of the 52 in 2015 project to my school to try to get some pictures of all of them.  Following is the best we could do.

It is a lot of quilts!

They should be delivered in the next few weeks.  I’ll post pictures then if it is photo worthy.


Thanks to all for your support.  Some of you will recognize fabric you contributed. All shared encouraging words and prayers and kindness.  It has been a terrific experience and a great way to give thanks for the life of that remarkable young woman known as Sparkle Jane.

350 Block Challenge: 2015 Summary Report

Shelly, that encouraging woman at Prairie Moon Quilts, also hosts an annual 350 Block Project.

I have participated the last few years and benefit from the understanding that comes from keeping track.  Sometimes I think I am not getting much done, but when I look at the year-end total I can see things more clearly.

So, here is the grand summary for 2015:

January: 34
February: 21
March: 55
April: 20
May: 26
June: 60
July: 50
August: 33
September: 46
October: 18
November: 7
December: 40
TOTAL: 410

Yay me!  All those baby quilts really paid off.

I am already looking forward to 2016.  Shelley will host this event again, I’m sure, but even if she didn’t I would tally up blocks for my own sake.  It is helpful.