Howard’s Pillow

Howard’s Pillow was finished Monday night due to our latest snowstorm.  Evening plans were cancelled and I was able to sneak in a little sewing time.


This pillow is for a fellow teacher who is retiring this year.  He wanted a quilt and described what he was looking for.  I offered him the Leftovers quilt finished a while back.  Oh, that was just right, but could he get a larger pillow to do with it.


The pillow is based on a ModaBakeShop tutorial (  It will be delivered soon (depending on weather conditions).  I hope he likes it as much as the quilt.


Once You Have A Good Idea…

Sometimes projects stall because you need one good idea that you don’t have.  That was the case with Tile Works.  I didn’t know how I was going to finish the top, taking the scrappy blocks and making something that would work. (Excuse, please, difficult indoor photography of a large quilt–76″ x 90″.  There is over 2-feet of snow on the ground here and more falling right now.  Outside is not an option.)


Then, YAY, the good idea came.  Barbara F. said, “How about a dark brown sashing.”  Why didn’t I think of that?


So, with brown sashing, dark red corner stones and a detail in the outer border that reflects the block design, we have a finished top.


Thank you so much, particularly to Barbara F., but to all of my wonderful readers-become-friends-I’ve-never-met.  You encourage, cheer, support and help generally.  I am so glad to see this long term project move towards a finished quilt that will bring warmth and color into someone’s life.


ps–People have asked for the pattern, but I can’t give it to you.  It is a 12″ block pattern known as Tile Works #162 from the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks publications.

162 1 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 42

It was designed by Monique Dillard of opengatequilts.  Hopefully you will be able to find it and enjoy making something beautiful yourself.

Same-But-Different Blocks

The blocks for the twin quilts are coming along nicely.  It will take 32 for both tops and 24 are complete.


Notice the same-but-different look.  The blocks on the left are for the “boy” quilt.  The right is for the “girl.” By using two of the same colors–green and yellow–and two different colors (boy = red and brown, girl = pink and purple) there is enough to make each distinct and enough to bring them together.  At least that is my operating theory.

I hope to have all blocks finished and the tops assembled by the end of the week.

ps:  These are made using the Pint Size pattern. Go have a look.  It makes good use of 2-1/2″ squares.

Off And Running In 2017

My husband’s manager delivered twins just after Christmas.  So, my first project for 2017 is a same-but-different twin quilt set.

Fabric for twin baby quilts

I am using the Pint Size pattern I recently created and they are coming along nicely.  I hope to have finished tops by the middle of the month.


If I do two blocks a day, it is possible and that is a pace I believe I can keep.