Messing Around With Scraps

A bag of pieces-parts came from somewhere.  (I am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember.)  They have been sitting around for way too long.


So I dumped them out and started to sort.

Hmm…what can I do with these?

Still not sure what I am doing, but something is happening…better than having them stuffed in that sack.


Current Project

After making enough Climb On practice blocks for a baby quilt, I concluded that I did not want to make a full-size quilt for a young child that way.  Too intricate for the application.  Not that every quilt isn’t important and deserving of my best work, but over 1,000 pieces for a quilt I really hope will be make into a tent, and wrap up a puppy, and be used as a cape…maybe not.DSC01382

So, I am doing this instead.


Larger pieces and larger blocks, but the same mountainous shape.


I should finish the blocks by the end of this week.  Setting blocks and assembly next week.  I have quilting time scheduled for the first week of April.  (Did I just say that?  It is coming so soon!)

I hope they will like it.

Another “In-Between” Project

One of my goals this year has been to complete a non-quilty project between each quilty one.


These started out as bags of chicken feed.  The bags are made from a sort of woven plastic fabric–water resistant, sturdy, colorful (if you like chickens).  I had saved them for  a while and finally got around to making reusable shopping bags from them.  There are four in all.  Two I am keeping and two as a gift.

There are many tutorials out there, so I am not writing a specific one.  But I cut the bag body at 21″ high and each handle at 4″.  You could just barely have enough bag material to cut them at 5″ and that might make the handles more comfortable. I cleaned the sinde of the plastic fabric after I cut the pieces–that was easier than arguing with the inside of the bag.

Once you do the first one they take about 30 minutes to stitch together.

I think I will save up another batch of bags and make some more.  Most everyone can use them.


Vintage Stars Top

This idea was my first plan for the Shine On quilt, but I decided I wanted different sizes of stars.  Plus, there wasn’t enough of this color combination to make the size quilt I needed for Shine On. This idea was worth completing, though.


It started as a bag of vintage (late 60s?  early 70s?) fabric squares that a friend bought at a yard sale.  They were not well cut and not all the fabric was usable, but there was a cheeriness to them that appealed.


Adding the bright white stars and some solids squares scattered throughout seems to keep the vintage feel and make it modern at the same time.  I like it.


Final size 60″ x 72″.  Started with 4-1/2″ squares and 2-1/2″ stitch-and-trim squares for the points.