Roundabout Baby Flimsy

A few leftover pieces and a cute pattern and, Ta-dah!  You have a quilt!


This idea came from “Another Bite of Schnibbles.”  The pattern is called Roundabout.

I added a narrow outer border using the background fabric.  The top finishes at 34″ square.

DSC01267.JPGAnother one in the to-be-quilted pile.

Three Wishes Flimsy

Things are smoothing out a little here, and winter has arrived.  So, I am have more personal time and the snow provides a good excuse for fewer outside chores. (Yep, that mountain really is the view directly north from my house.)


Because of that, I have another finished flimsy:  Three Wishes.


I resized the pattern to 2/3 the original size.  If I did it again I might go for 3/4, just to make it a larger lap size.


I hope to schedule some quilting time to finish it before the end of the year, but at least I have made it this far.


The Speed Squares quilt is a FINISH!


Partially cut ahead of time, I finished cutting and started piecing last Tuesday.  Pieced and assembled Wednesday and Thursday.  Quilted Friday.  Bound Saturday.

Gifted today (Monday) to a teaching friend who needed a quilt, I’m sure.



ps–Finishes at 50″ x 70″ (20 squares by 28 squares).  Squares 3″ unfinished.  Color theory:  50% background (obviously), remaining half 2/3 blue and 1/3 red.

Slightly Slower Assembly

After sprint sewing Tuesday night, Wednesday’s pace was more measured.  After all, there were people at home and other things to do.  While I voted for popcorn for dinner today, the family vetoed.  We are going over to a friend’s house to share with them.

Daughter did her part yesterday producing vast quantities of PIE.  That has become a tradition at our house.  We will assemble a buffet tray later and drop it off at the local fire station–We are grateful for the people who work so we can play today.

Anyway, I started assembly on the top.  About half way…


I hope to finish today.  Tomorrow I have time reserved on the machine I rent and, with a little luck, it will be a quilted quilt. Binding Saturday??? Whew!

Sprint Sewing

After a sewing drought, I found myself with an evening to myself.

Ah–blissful sewing time!


I hauled out an idea that I had started to cut for a while back and cut a little more to go with it.

Then started sewing!


Three hours later I have over half of a top.  With any luck at all I will have MORE sewing time today.  Hmmm…would the family be ok with popcorn for dinner tomorrow?

Seeing Stars: Finished Top

Whew!  I really wanted to get this one pieced and off the design floor.  Husband was really tired of stepping around it.

Hopefully I will get the back finished (secret piecing project) by the end of the week and move it towards a complete finish soon.

Thanks, Melissa, for such a dynamic design.

Festival Quilt Finish

This is my major charitable quilt for the year. It is based on donated fabric from Riley Blake and a modified pattern and will go to the annual Festival of Trees in December.


I like the pieced binding and the back.


I don’t have to love a quilt to know that someone will love it.


It will warm the heart and body of a child, surely.