“Halfway” Is Completely Assembled

The Halfway quilt is now a completely assembled top. YAY!


The top is 96″ x 94″.  56 blocks of 56 pieces each. That was so many half square triangles.  And so many scraps.  I am planning a tutorial, but it will probably be a while in the making.  If you are interested, though, the half square triangles FINISH at 6″, 3″ and 1-1/2″.

I think there are around 500 different fabrics in the top, which is what makes THIS so…


What is the word for I-didn’t-think-two-of-the-same-fabric-could-possibly-end-up-next-to each-other?

You might notice it in the upper right hand quadrant of the top.


Baby Mine Finish

It feels so good to finish something…especially such a CUTE something.


Yesterday was a day off from school and it was snowing out and Daughter and I had a day to ourselves.  We spent some time running errands–some necessary and some just for fun–and some time at the house.


It was plenty of time to get this basted, quilted on our faithful Pfaff 130, and bound (while working on the taxes).


Today it goes to its new home. YAY!

Not an original design, based on blocks like THESE:  https://www.quiltingcompany.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Nine-Patch_Heart_Block.pdf  or  http://www.quiltingassistant.com/valentineheart.html

Baby Mine

I desperately needed a new project to lift my spirits.  Baby quilts are just the thing!


I call it Baby Mine.

Nine simple blocks finish as a 34-1/2″ quilt top.

And I feel much better now.


Hopefully this will help me refuel to return to the Halfway quilt and keep squaring up the HSTs.  Only about 400 to go.  No, I’m not kidding.


ps–The idea came from a picture that didn’t link to anything, but a little research showed me that it exists as a block pattern in a few different places.  If you like it, try HERE:   https://www.quiltingcompany.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Nine-Patch_Heart_Block.pdf  or HERE: http://www.quiltingassistant.com/valentineheart.html

Halfway To Halfway

What started as a pile of scrap half square triangles handed down by a fellow quilter is gradually turning in the Halfway Quilt.


I have shared this picture before, but this is what 16 blocks looked like.


There are now 28.


That is halfway to 56, my goal number for a queen size quilt.

I plan to create a full tutorial for this project when the time comes, but, if you want to get started on those half square triangles and all the necessary squaring up, the units are 6-1/2″, 3-1/2″ and 2″.  That is cut size, not finish size.

This should be a top by sometime in March, maybe even by the end of February.

Some Sparkle Jane

Long-time followers are familiar with my daughter, known as Sparkle Jane.  She is now 17 and a senior in high school.  It wasn’t that long ago…they grow up fast.

With all the demands of life she doesn’t quilt as regularly as in the past, but she does do some.


This top is a recent finish…

Hopefully to be quilted soon.

ps–The pattern is my design, inspired by THIS pattern.  But we resized it and measured so it isn’t paper pieced.  I know some people love paper piecing.  And I am very happy for them. And if you are one of those people you will enjoy Big Top.