Baby Finish

This quilt was created with small leftovers of another quilt.  And some fun with math to make all those border triangles fit just right.


Experimented a little with custom quilting.  Which didn’t go well.  It isn’t the worst possible, but I have a long ways to go.  And I am OK with that.


After all, anything worth doing is worth doing badly–at first.

Show And Tell Time

I love it when readers share their successes with WeddingDressBlue tutorials.  Thank you for taking the time to visit, make comments, share pictures and all that stuff.

Marcia finished a Film at Five quilt using a lot of scraps and fabrics she had on hand.  She calls some of the fabric “old and ugly.”  If that is true, how did she make such a beautiful quilt?!

Yvonne made this lovely Cross My Heart quilt.  Great use of color!


Here is a Hundred Patch quilt that turned into so much more–4560 patches, in fact.  Janell did a great job!


Beatrice made a Film at Five quilt for her guild’s We Care program. She says, “I used 1 1/2″ scraps as a leaders and enders project. Somehow I still have a ton of scraps, so I will have to make a few more :)”

Film at FiveFilm at Five Detail 1

Marta in Italy created two Hundred Hugs quilts–one simplified because babies get here when they get here. 🙂  I love them both!




Seeing Stars Fabric

One of my goals for the year was to participate in a quilt-along.  There have been several, but none really caught my eye.  Until this one:  Seeing Stars.

YAY!  The year was going fast and I was starting to get worried.  Instead, I happily reviewed my “someday” fabric and found just the thing.  Particularly when combined with scraps and fabric from the color bins.


Now, just waiting until the first block is released next Monday.  You have time…want to join us?

Halfway To The Fair

I am entering the Halfway quilt in the local fair this year.


There are usually between 75 and 100 total quilts at our local county fair.  Yep, that is a lot, but quilting is big around here.


I will be there this weekend and will share pictures and results as they are available.  I don’t expect a big prize, but maybe a ribbon…


We’ll see.  I don’t enter to win, but to support a local event.  And it is nice to get feedback on my work.  It helps me to improve.

Denim Done

It weighs 8 pounds.  He said he wanted it heavy; I hope he meant it.


Simple overall quilting.  Too much would definitely been too much.


As it was I had to try to navigate around the included pockets.


But, the design makes denim do-able.  No bulk.  No lumps.  Just an interesting quilt that the owner will enjoy.

Pattern available here:

New Charitable Project

It is that time of the year again–time to make a quilt for the local children’s hospital’s Festival of Trees (and more…).

Riley Blake, based here in Utah, donates bags of mystery fabric.  A quilter can pick up a bag and turn it into anything they like.  Not all fabric must be used in a single project. Donated items are then sold to provide services and charitable treatment for young patients.IMG_3526

This is my fabric this year. Hmmm….Maybe black sashing and an interesting black-and-color back???