Halfway (+1) To Halfway

The Halfway Quilt has 56 blocks. I have 29 complete.

There are 14 each of 4 different blocks styles. Here are styles ONE and TWO, all together.

I will keep pushing along. It will be finished soon.

PS–Can you see what makes this quilt unique? TIP-all the blocks have the exact same pieces–28 HST.

Candy Diamond Quilt COMPLETE

Made out of fabric donated a few years ago, I believe by Stephanie. THIS PICTURE sparked the idea that finally pushed the fabric pieces to quilt status.

There was enough matching fabric included for back and binding.

It will likely be donated to the Children’s Hospital.

I used 2-1/2″ squares so this one finishes at 38″ square.


The quilt for the son-of-the-granddaughter-of-my-husband’s-mother’s-best-friend is complete. That small amount (less than 1/4 yard) of Star Wars fabric is now a 49″ square quilt suitable for cuddling.

The minkee back both shows off the quilting and makes it a good snuggle.

The Kona Blueberry background fabric isn’t my usual choice, but it works in this case, because it doesn’t compete with the white in the print.

I am pleased with the bold, graphic results. It will soon be in the mail to a galaxy far, far away (Georgia) where we (husband and I) hope it will bring years of comfort.

Second Chance Quilt: Seek The Common Denominator

Possibly it was always this way, but it seems that the rise of pre-cuts has led to certain sizes being used more often in piecing quilts.

Because of that, sometimes you can take leftovers from different projects and find that they can play surprisingly well, like little kids who just met on a playground.

Just start trying to match things up and see what happens.

Well, there you go!

It doesn’t take long to finish when the pieces have a common denominator, in this case 2-1/2″ squares.

You could make the same design from scratch with those mini-charms or charm packs just looking for a purpose.

This post also featured in the Online Quilt Magazine. Check it out. Such a great value.

Starburst COMPLETE

This is the second quilt finished while watching Conference this past weekend.

It is based on THIS tutorial (She calls it Sunburst).

It will be delivered to our Assistant Principal who has a great love for Africa and does much good there sponsoring the education of children.

I hope the rich colors will evoke that beautiful place, and the star will demonstrate the light she shares.

Georgia Stars

This is the third quilt I have made for fans of the University of Georgia (Number 1–for Husband–HERE. Number 2–for Sister-in-Law–HERE.) This one is based on THIS TUTORIAL.

I like the boldness. Working with small pieces is what I do most, but there is a look that only large pieces can give.

This quilt is destined for new friends and neighbors who happen to be big University of Georgia fans–Go Dawgs!

It Is Time…UFO No More

I have very few UFOs. In fact, I have one. In 2021 I cut and trimmed over 1500 HST, with the intention of making another Halfway Quilt.

Then, I put it away. For two years. But, it is time.

I finished the first block today with a resolution of not starting anything new until the top is complete. I have two leader-ender projects that can run at the same time and several tops in the quilting-and-binding phase. This will do me some good. Hopefully a finish (finished top at least) before June?

Confetti Quilt FINISHED

It was an intriguing idea. And it helped address the overflowing basket of small scraps of light background fabric.

But, I had no idea how much I would love the finish.

Very different from my usual quilts in some ways, but with some common factors: small pieces, many different fabrics, etc. And it is finished, always a good thing.

ps–It is 72″ square. Contains 144 6″ blocks, 2304 pieces. More information and a tutorial can be found HERE.

Flower Garden Baby Quilt

A co-worker is expecting a baby. His wife loves flowers (the baby is to be named Zinnia) but doesn’t like the colors pink or purple. How to make something just right?

Well, first you find the right pattern. Check THIS out.

Yes, the blocks have a lot of pieces–53 each. And those pieces are little. But, the right thing is the right thing.

And an unexpected backing fabric from an old scrap that was too cute to be thrown away. See how the colors work?! Such good fortune.

And I love the outcome.

Another Quick Baby: Barn Swallow

A pile of scraps and THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL got me started.

In no time at all I had a quilt. It uses 36 blocks and finishes at 35″ square–a nice symmetry there.

I can see using this pattern again. It would work for many different applications.

For now it goes in the donation pile. YAY! No bored babies if they sleep under this quilt.