Three At A Time

Sometimes people will ask how I get so much done. Until recently I would have answered that I just work on a quilt until it’s done.

But, as I have paid attention to the question and my work habits, it turns out that I almost never work on one quilt at a time. The truth is more like THREE (or–shhhh–even FOUR).

Each project is in a different phase, allowing me to work everyday on SOMETHING, depending on my mood.

Some cutting…

Some piecing…

Some binding…

Some dreaming.

Any progress is progress, right? And it adds up to a lot of quilts in the end.

Quilt Restoration

This might be out of my league, but I was asked to do it by a long-time neighbor and friend of my parents.


Her mother made her this quilt when she was a young child.  It is much loved and is full of memories…


Each block and each bird have their own personality.


I am tentatively starting to work on it, making repairs one block and a time and hoping for a grand revelation on a finish.  It is mostly not-quilted and there is no batting…

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Encouragements?

National Quilting Day 2020

Quilting is both a social and a solitary hobby.  I am mostly a solitary quilter who socializes primarily through this blog.

But, for those of you who socialize more in person, while stores and guilds and shows and stitching groups might be closed, the sewing machine is definitely open.  And this is a great day to celebrate the obsession hobby we share.

I hope to have a few hours of piecing time today in between cleaning and serving others in my home and neighborhood.

Soon I will share what is accomplished.  I have been working on a leader-ender in the background that is now the primary project.  A wedding quilt for a friend.  And a mini-tutorial.

Ready!  Set!  GO!

String Pieced Potholders

While it is fun to develop new designs, sometimes it is fun to revisit old favorites, too.


This week it was String Pieced Potholders.

They are simple and satisfying to create.


If you need a quick gift for someone special (this can include YOU) they will brighten the day and bring a smile, too.


And use scraps.  It’s a good thing.

Seeing Stars Finish: Three Of Three And Final Quilt For The Year

My binding fingers are a little sore, but the quilts are all done.  That is about 1066 inches of binding stitched down over four days.


This is my version of the Seeing Stars Quiltalong hosted by Melissa.


I love the colors and the happy nature of it.  The quilting turned out well.  And the binding makes it shine. I tried to make a nearly-reversible pieced back.  Not quite perfect, but I do like the idea.


This fabric had waited WAY too long to be a quilt.  Maybe that is why it seems so happy;  it finally has a purpose.

Friendship Quilt Finished: Two Down. One To Go.

It helps when it is a small quilt.  At 49″ x 67″, it just isn’t too bad.


I worked for a few weeks piecing the stars.  But, once I decided that I really wanted to finish it before January 1, it was time to pick up the pace!


Finished piecing on Wednesday, assembled Thursday, quilted Friday, bound Saturday.  Whew!

Just 5″ friendship stars in a variety of reds alternating with 5″ brown squares.  Should match her living room as a couch quilt.


And I like the back.


Only one more to go.  It is quilted and I am stitching binding.

Quilting Up A Storm

Three quilts stand (in various stages of completion) between me and a goal date of January 1.


This one needs binding stitched down on two sides.


This one needs binding made, attached and stitched down all around. It was quilted yesterday (Thursday).


This one needs a back, quilting, binding made, attached and stitched down.  Scheduled for quilting today).

Racing for the finish and quilting up a storm!

The Halfway Quilt Complete

No great pictures, but at least you can get the idea.IMG_3451

I can’t tell you how I feel about this quilt because I am not always sure.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes, often when I was working on it, I referred to it as the Nervous Breakdown Quilt.

There is certainly a lot going on.

In the next few weeks I will get better pictures and the tutorial written.  Promise…