“Halfway” Is Completely Assembled

The Halfway quilt is now a completely assembled top. YAY!


The top is 96″ x 94″.  56 blocks of 56 pieces each. That was so many half square triangles.  And so many scraps.  I am planning a tutorial, but it will probably be a while in the making.  If you are interested, though, the half square triangles FINISH at 6″, 3″ and 1-1/2″.

I think there are around 500 different fabrics in the top, which is what makes THIS so…


What is the word for I-didn’t-think-two-of-the-same-fabric-could-possibly-end-up-next-to each-other?

You might notice it in the upper right hand quadrant of the top.


Preliminary Flight Path

DSC00895.JPGWhen you have a little more than a yard of really cute fabric begging to be the back of a baby quilt…well, then, you have to make a quilt.


And this fabric really wanted airplanes.  However, when I started to research airplane quilt blocks they were all paper pieced.  I don’t like paper piecing.  Yes, sometimes it is necessary, but often it is not.

(The purple really is just for practice…I realize it doesn’t work at all with the backing fabric.  But it was a handy scrap….We’ll call it a volunteer.)

So, I un-paperpieced.  This is the practice block for the upcoming design I am calling Flight Path.  8″ blocks.  NOT paper pieced.  With a fun tipped setting and a nice, scrappy border.  At least I hope that is how it turns out.

Right now it is all preliminary.