A while back the Special Education Teacher at our school asked for my help on a project.  Some of her students were working on the mathematical principle of “reflection.”

We talked over some possibilities and she settled on an idea.  She had the students design “quilt blocks” on paper, showing reflection in shape, placement and color.

And we are taking it one better–she gave me the paper version and I tried to translate them into real fabric blocks (12″).  They will go back to the students and be made into small pillows for the students to share with their families to show their learning.  Then, of course, take home and enjoy.


Here are two of them–paper version and “translation.”

Another Stocking To Be Hung

It is time for the traditional stocking to be constructed for the youngest grandson to join the family.


Here are additional posts about previous stockings so you can see how they develop:  HERE, HERE and HERE.

So many fun details.  This little dog was designed to look (something) like his favorite stuffed animal.


And his birthday is July 5.

It will go in the mail very soon to be there in time for stuffing.

Denim #6

This is for Sparkle Jane, my daughter.


It is different–more subtle and icy than my usual brights. But I really like it.


Front and back.


And even the quilting.  My second attempt at freemotion.  I was trying to make a design that felt a little like wind and a little like stars.  I am not sure I captured that, but I like it anyway.


This is the end of my denim goal for the year.  A total of six quilts.  Whew!

Another “Waste” Option

At least I can remember where these waste triangles came from.  It is the Construction Quilt I finished recently.


The waste triangles became 9 pinwheels.


That formed the center of this spontaneous medallion style quilt.  It is another little one–just 35″ square.


But, it was interesting to work on and mathematically challenging.  Sometimes it is fun to try something just for the sake of seeing what it will look like.  This was kind of like that!