Sundae Pincushion

I found this interesting object in a thrift store for 69-cents.  Too darling to leave behind.


So it came home with me.  To become a pincushion.


First try went…badly.  What was I thinking?!  Wrong shape.  Wrong size.


Second try, however, turned into this!



I am pretty sure I could make a pincushion every week for a year and not get tired of it.  Which is funny, because I really don’t use pincushions much.  I have a metal magnetic tray.

Quiltalong Alert: Star Kissed

Your response to Star Kissed was so kind!  Thank you!


I am still sewing along on blocks.  There are 8 of them now.  And I still like them a lot.


So, here’s the deal:  If you find this project interesting, start gathering squares–1-1/2″ or 2″ or 2-1/2″.  Whatever makes you happy.  I will shortly produce a quiltalong that will make a quilt using that size.  It has been a while.

Come, sew along!

A New Idea: Star Kissed

Years ago Sparkle Jane took a notion and decided to cut 1-1/4″ squares.  1-1/4″?!?  That is REALLY small.  But, they sat in this box and after a while started to hum at me.  Do projects ever do that to you?  Just sort of seem to hum in the back of your mind, “I could be beautiful.  Give me a chance.”

So, I started to piece, a little aimlessly at first.  Just as a leader-ender project.  Before I knew it, I was making 25-patches.  Then, there were 25 of them.

By then there was too much invested to stop.

Next step was a sort of economy block layout.  But, they didn’t feel finished.

Add some star points and fancy corners and you get….



I originally called it “Tiny,”  but now I call it “Star Kissed.”  I am not sure that is its real name, though.

I visualize it with white sashing and tiny colored corner stones.  And probably a really cool border of some kind.

This block is 10″, but it could easily be resized to sensible proportions based on, say, 2″ or 2-1/2″ squares in the center.  What do you think?


Accounting For 2019

Again, it is time to account for my quilting expenses and production.  Not with any goal in mind except to know, and maybe to be honest with myself about it. 🙂

This year I completed 25 quilts (or gladly helped finance and support Sparkle Jane completing them).  Total amount spent: $ 2187.39.

What is quilting costing these day?

I totaled up all the inches of quilts completed for the year (NOT including tops waiting to be quilted–those will be part of 2020). The items completed totaled 99,873 square inches. If I call one square yard (an average baby quilt–or 1296 square inches) a “quilt unit”, that means I completed approximately 77.06 “units.”
SO, the average cost per “unit” is $28.39.

Maybe this all seems a little silly, but I wanted to know. And now you know, too.

Happy New Year!

ps–Just for reference,  in 2018 I completed 23 quilts, spending $1437.02.  Total quilting units completed approximately 56.93 makes the average cost per “unit” $25.22.

In 2017 I spent $1805.64 on 30 quilts, a total of 64.37 quilting units at $28.05/unit.

2019 Spool Count

For some reason, tracking the spools of thread emptied makes me happy.  I keep them in a tub and donate them to the school art teacher when the year ends.


For 2019 the final count is 23.  It seems I did a lot of stitching for only 23 spools, but they were mostly full when I started.

For comparison,

2018: 23

2017: 36

2016: 40

2015: 103 (the year of partial spools and the 52 in 2015 project)