Day of Service

Thursday was our Day of Service at school.  Each spring, the entire middle school spends a day serving various groups and people in our community. Eight groups were out of the school, and two groups stayed inside to do good works that will be delivered later.


This year, I lead the Hospital Buddy Dolls group (inside the school).


Eleven young people and a few parents and I worked to create simple dolls that are used as comfort and education for children facing surgery or other scary procedures.


During the course of a day we were able to create 52 dolls, complete with gowns.


We were tired, but successful.


And people wonder why I love my job.

One Last Thing To Show For It

With the tiny leftover pieces, and scraps of binding and backing fabric (and batting, too), I made a few hot pads/potholders.

Random piecing to a generous 9-inches.


Two colors, favorites of my DIL.


And, ta-dah!  A final thing to show for all the piecing on three quilts.

Shine On Finished

Do you ever notice that, in some ways, the maker of a quilt knows very little about what is REALLY looks like?  We are always close to it and see it in small pieces…

Anyway, maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but it does to me all the time.

When a quilt is complete and I step back and REALLY look for the first time, it is…well…hard to describe.


But, I really like this quilt.

Bold and bright and scrappy, but somehow simple and graphic. (See the feet of my quilt assistants in the corner…they were looking, too.)


Probably over-thinking it.  Its real job is not to please (or not please) me, but to keep a little boy warm and happy.


So, Shine On is finished.  I know I said there would be a tutorial, and there will be.  But possibly not for another month or so.  School is consuming…