Baby Has Arrived

Mother and baby are well.  It was an emergency delivery, but thanks to modern medicine and many prayers and good wishes, all are well today. 

Amelia Rose
Born 10/12/2021
At 1:48pm
Via emergency c-section
Weighing 3 pounds 9 ounces.

She’s currently in NICU due to her size. She needs to be 4 pounds to get out, but other than that she is perfect.

Two And Four Quiltalong: FINALE!

It is time to share your finished quilts, tops, or progress so far.

Mine is being quilted, but isn’t there yet. Maybe next week. Sometimes life gets in the way.

In the meantime, visit Katy and put your progress in her link-up (if you have a blog), or send her (or me) a picture and we’ll have them to share.

Thanks for joining us, however far you are. This has been fun and we hope to do another one (together or separately) sometime soon.


This quilt took quite a while. It is the Safe Haven pattern by Thimbleberries. I do not know if it is still available. You might find it out there on Etsy or Ebay.

The blocks weren’t too bad, in spite of the applique, in which I do not have much experience. I rather enjoyed the variety of piecing techniques.

But the layout was a different story. The suggestion in the Block of the Month pattern was not to my personal taste, but I also didn’t have a better idea.

So it sat for a while. And then for a while longer. The problem was how to finish it without making it too long and narrow. Finally the idea came.

I added a narrow border around each block. Then sashing. Then pieced borders on the side. And a final border to finish up. The dimensions are now 84″ x 96″.

While the color scheme remains different from my usual preference, I love the results.

Couch Quilt FINISHED

 THIS TUTORIAL provided a great starting point for our new couch quilt.

I just love it when a pile of fabric, a need and an idea all come together.

And then I found the perfect back!

And I had pre-made binding all ready to go!

Sometimes it is just meant to be. And I look forward to wrapping up in this cozy quilt.

Tiny Baby Quick Quilt FINISH

Baby and Mother are still hanging in there.

And the quilt is finished.

It is made with 2-1/2″ squares and is only 22″ each way. At that size it was easy to straight line quilt on my faithful old Pfaff 130 that came from my paternal grandmother.

I am working on the dress next and hope to have it to share soon.

ps–The planned name for Baby is Amelia Rose, just so you can keep her in mind.

GIVEAWAY: String Quilt Supplies


I have a large tub (probably will fit in a size Large Priority Mail Box) of strings. Most are between 1″ and 2″ wide.

Would you like them? I’ll box them up and send them your way. US Postage included.

I have made a number of string quilts and really enjoy them. But, I have more than enough and would like to share.

The giveaway runs through Thursday, October 7. Winner notified and announced here on Friday, October 8.

Joyful Weekend

Today, Saturday, and tomorrow are the fall General Conference of my church.

If you enjoy the Joyful Sabbath posts I share, and would like more, consider giving it a watch or a listen.

It is one of my favorite weekends of the year–full of inspiration and rest (and binding quilts).