QUICK Hourglass Baby Quilt: Mini-Tutorial

Another baby arrived a little earlier than predicted. The mother requested pastels. Do I even OWN any pastels? Well, yes, I did, thanks to a generous scrap donation. YAY!


35″ x 35″

Here’s how to do it…


50 5″ colored charm squares. You could use a pre-packaged charm pack plus 8 more squares. Solids are a good choice.

1 yard background fabric cut into 50 5″ squares.

1-1/8 yard backing fabric

1/4 yard binding


Using THIS tutorial, create 100 hourglass blocks. Trim up to 4″. NOTE: Each colored/background pair produces TWO hourglass blocks.

Lay them out in a 10 x 10 arrangement, making sure they alternate: top-bottom, side-side.

Stitch together rows, then rows into a finished top.

Ta-dah! A finished top.

See–I told you it was quick and easy. You probably have all the materials laying around right now.

Layer, quick and bind as preferred. Another Ta-da! Now it is a finished quilt.

North Star State COMPLETE

It was a long time coming. As I have said before, it seems so harmless to cut the block size in half to fit the sizes of my scraps, but it meant it took a lot of pieces to get anywhere. Should you want to try the pattern for yourself, you can get the (full size) information HERE.

That said, I am really happy with the results.

Scrappy happiness, mostly reproduction prints, but a few authentic pieces thrown in.

The yellow binding works with with the stars to give some unity and rhythm in the scrappiness.

It is a gift and already delivered. She cried. We’ll take that as a good thing.

Two And Four COMPLETE!

I am so happy to see this quilt complete.

It was all I hoped for.

For those who participated in the quiltalong, you are welcome to share pictures any time.

Those who might be interested in building a similar beauty, information can be found HERE.

Second Chance Quilt: There’s Only A Little Bit, But I Love It

Sometimes you have only a little bit of fabric, but you love it. What can you do with it? Here is one idea.

First, get it organized and see what possibilities there are. These were small leftovers from a jelly roll.

TIP: When using scraps and leftovers, cut LARGE to SMALL. I cut as many 2-1/2″ squares as possible, then 2″ squares, then 1-1/2″ squares. All in all, it was more than I thought it would be.

There were 36 pieces–mostly 2-1/2″ squares, with a few smaller ones.

Let’s turn these into a project…Small Blocks are a good way to start. Goal: 3-1/2″ (unfinished)

I added borders.

If the square was 2-1/2″ it required 2 1″x2-1/2″ and 2 1″x3-1/2″.

If the square was 2″ it required 2 1-1/4″x 2″ and 2 1-1/4″ x 3-1/2″.

If the square was 1-1/2″ it required 2 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ and 2 1-1/2″x 3-1/2″.

Soon I had 36 blocks.

Now, what to do with them? Well, I could make 36 Christmas Tree Ornaments.

OR, nine coasters…

OR, four pot holders…

OR, one pillow sham or mini quilt.

I decided on the mini quilt.

A little hand quilting, just because it is soothing.

And, ta-dah! A finish.

It is 18″ square.

If you are looking for other ideas that use only a little bit of fabric, here are a few tutorials that might be just what you are looking for: Quarter Turn Quilt and Window Box Quilt. Enjoy!

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