Changes Bring Changes

Young Son, age 20,  has moved out of the house and into an apartment with a roommate friend from high school.  This is a good thing for him.

And, it created an empty room in our house.


So, the furniture that made my sewing space also the guest bedroom is now in that room.


And I finished this quilt to grace the bed.

It is based on the Splendid Sampler quiltalong last year.  Finished size:  78″ x 66″.


Of course, moving all that furniture that created opportunities in the sewing space that include new storage shelves and my first-ever cutting table.  Yep, in all these years I have cut on the kitchen table, the coffee table, the washing machine and the floor.

Soon I will be ready to share pictures of the new sewing space.  Right now it is a mess, and I am still sorting, but it promises to be really nice.



A New Project

After finishing the Halfway quilt top I thought I was done with HSTs for a while, then I looked at the next quilt on my list…Really?!


But I am liking it.  This quilt is intended for a coworker at school.  Can you guess which one?  YES!  The head lunch lady!  She is a wonder and does so much for the children and for all of us.

The pattern is Bear Scraps.  I have the three large blocks and six medium blocks finished.  Now I am piecing the 12 small blocks.


This week is Spring Break.  I started the celebration early Saturday morning by cleaning my machine, replacing the needle and winding five bobbins.  We have all kinds of excitement scheduled, notably starting to tear out for a kitchen remodel, but I hope to get in some serious sewing time, too.

“Halfway” Is Completely Assembled

The Halfway quilt is now a completely assembled top. YAY!


The top is 84″ x 96″”.  56 blocks of 56 pieces each. That was so many half square triangles.  And so many scraps.  I am planning a tutorial, but it will probably be a while in the making.  If you are interested, though, the half square triangles FINISH at 6″, 3″ and 1-1/2″.

I think there are around 500 different fabrics in the top, which is what makes THIS so…


What is the word for I-didn’t-think-two-of-the-same-fabric-could-possibly-end-up-next-to each-other?

You might notice it in the upper right hand quadrant of the top.