That New Project: Green Growing

A little while ago I shared pictures of a new idea.

Now I have a picture of progress.

I have never made crumb blocks before, but I am (mostly) enjoying the process. Getting the pieces to end up the “right” size isn’t as easy as it looks, but I am working along and learning as I go.

There are numerous tutorials out there, but it seems that it is most productive to just “give it a go” and learn while creating.

I’ll keep you posted…

Miss B’s Quilt

I have a very special student in my homeroom class, Miss B. She is in 7th grade. She has Down Syndrome.

When we were making our charitable project of Christmas stockings at Christmas she expressed a real interest in sewing, but said, “I could never do that, maybe I could get a toy machine for Christmas.”

“You don’t need a toy,” I said, “You need to sew.”

It took some convincing, but it turned out that she could sew. Better than average. And now she has a special sewing class with me two days a week. Similar options are available at the school, but she needed something individualized and carefully paced.

Well, first she made a drawstring bag for her waterbottle. Went just fine. The next project was a quilt.

She finished the piecing a week ago. I had it quilted and bound it for her (She isn’t ready for that yet).

She got it back today.

Such a beautiful thing. She is so proud. It has transformed her life. Sewing. Is. Power!

Second Chance Quilt: Odd Blocks To A Fun Finish

I was given this interesting pile of blocks. The colors were appealing, but they needed…a few things.

First trimming to a uniform size.

Then a layout. There weren’t enough, so it was time to find coordinating fabric. Part of what makes Second Chances quilts work in the end is the unexpected.

I made simple half square triangle blocks to match.

Then added borders.

And sashing.

And quilting and binding…Ta-dah!

This is my first minkee back, and I think I like it. Not for every quilt, but it works for this one.

Final size: 41″ square. This is finish #4 of my weekend binding blitz. Whew!

Big lesson from this quilt: Don’t be afraid to play. Second Chance quilts are a great chance to try something new and take a (low risk) risk.

TWO Welcome Home Quilts Finished

The binding blitz continues with two Welcome Home Quilts.

I had so many 2-1/2″ strips cut to size, and they make great donation quilts. These finish and 60″ x 80″. It only takes 48 blocks.

Most of these blocks were pieced on my treadle machine. Good practice. They both use color-coordinated scrappy binding, another plus.

Such pleasing progress.

1930s Scraps COMPLETE

This quilt was inspired by some vintage 1930s scraps, and Katy. She builds great vintage quilts (among other things). She calls hers Paper Chains.

I was ready to go with binding about 10am.

And, by noon it was complete. Years of practice (and a small-ish quilt–42″ x 42″) make for quick work.

I don’t know where this quilt is going yet, but right now it is going to make me happy.

Just three more to go on my weekend binding spree.

PS–Thanks for the reminder to include some information on the block: 1 3-1/2″ square and 2 2″ squares of background. 10 2″ squares of prints. 6-1/2″ block (6″ finished).