A New Blue Top

Another shirt.  I am having fun building a bit of a better wardrobe.  As money has been tight and I have felt chubby, clothes have been pretty low on the list.  But a recent small weight loss (8 pounds so far), and encouragement and inspiration from blogs for sewing clothing have given me a bit of a reason to try a few things.  I had some fabric and some patterns on hand, so here we go.

Joanne suggested using a double needle for the hems in knits and, wow, it worked.  Thanks Joanne.

This is modified from the same pattern as the last one, Simplicity 4076.

I still have fitting issues, but, just like quilting, you don’t learn by thinking about it.  Sometimes you have to haul out scissors, needle and thread and take your chances.

8 thoughts on “A New Blue Top

  1. Practice makes perfect but it looks like it fits quite well in the photo. I have thought about clothes sewing some lately but haven’t gone further than that yet. Maybe someday.

  2. i really like it and love the color…still have not tried my double needle but definitely will..have never had luck with knits..tried to shorten a few shirts and made a mess of them…

    congrats on the 8# weight loss..take it off slowly and it will not be as hard to keep it off..believe me..


  3. Congrats on the 8 pounds!! I’m trying to start cutting out bad things like soft drinks and juice and I have been doing a pretty OK job so far. This week, I started adding big salads back to my menu. 🙂

    I think that this top looks fantastic! I don’t really see that you have any fitting issues on it. It looks great on you! 🙂

  4. Great work! The top looks great! What a great reward fro dropping a little weight! Think of it as a reward! Now back to that wood pile! Are you seriously ‘chopping’ wood? Suz

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