Charming Scrap Quilt Tutorial

DISCLAIMER:  I am not pretending that this is a unique idea.  There are probably a number of similar quilts out there, this is just my way of doing it.

You were wondering what all those squares were for.


66 x 84


scraps or three charm packs

1-3/4 yards background fabric.  I suggest a solid.  Either dark or light depending on your preference

1-1/4  yard for inner border and binding

1-1/4 yard for outer border


5 yards for backing


1. Cut 96 5″ squares from that huge pile of scraps that you were wondering what to do with (or you can use parts of three pre-cut charm packs, or a 10″square pack [layer cake] cut into squares).

2. Cut 96 5″ squares from background fabric.  You can usually get 8 squares from each row of standard 42-45″ fabric.  So, you will need 12 rows.

3. Start sewing those pieces together.  Each row should alternate starting with a light or a print square. 

4. Make 16 rows of 12 squares each.

5. Sew rows together.

6. To add your inner border, cut 6 pieces 1 1/2″ wide and sew them into one long strip.

7. Measure two pieces 72 1/2″ and two pieces 56 1/2″.  That should be the length if your seam allowances were accurate. Sew on the long sides and then the short sides.

8. Now cut your outer border.  Cut 7 strips 5 inches wide and sew them together.

9. Measure two pieces 74-1/2″ and two pieces 66″.  That should be the length if your seam allowances were accurate. Sew on the long sides and then the short sides.

10. Ta-dah!  A quilt top.

11. Cut 7 strips 2-1/4″ wide, or your preferred width, for the binding.

12.  Prepare back, sandwich layers and quilt.  I am hoping to straight line quilt mine in the next week or so (this will be the largest I have attempted) and I will have a FINISH to share soon.


1. Please forgive me for not taking lots of pictures of the process, but I will be glad to answer questions about any steps that do not seem clear.

2. On reflection, a larger quilt would probably be better and I would make it 13 squares by 17 squares, which would yield a quilt approximately 70 x 88 inches.  That would mean a slight increase of each material, starting with 110 squares each of the print scraps and the solid background.

3. I am sorry that I cannot tell you all the fabrics used, but that is the nature of scrap.  The prints are, obviously, a number of different fabrics of mostly unknown genealogy.  The background is a Kona solid.  Again, I’m not sure of the color.  The brown is a fabric I am only just becoming acquainted with called Prairie Cloth  in Brown.  I like it so far.

3. Check back here tomorrow for a chance at a little prize.  Yes, that means a giveaway.

10 thoughts on “Charming Scrap Quilt Tutorial

  1. i love it..i even have some background fabric big enough to make it i’m sure..this is the day i decided to straighten my sewing room..i have to do this after every quilt and just took my last quilt to the quilter’s a few days while i am doing this i am going to cut 5″ squares..i want to make the bigger one..thank you for this…i am printing it off and making it..i love using up my scraps..

    and can hardly wait to see what you post tomorrow!! prize???? hmmmmmm sounds very interesting..


  2. how would i make this quilt using only red,black and white fabrics? thanks,it is for a 8yr old great grand son.thanks,lawanna

  3. Great idea. My mother is 85 and this is just the type of quilt she could manage. I am grateful for her teaching me to sew at age 9. My two daughters and granddaughter (8) are sewing as well. Everyone needs a quilt!

  4. This is perfect for me to make a twin quilt for a young lady who recently joined the army. It will be in many shades of red white and blue. Thank you for sharing.

  5. this is lovely, I have a stash of 5″ squares. I think i will make one without borders. i don’t like borders to much unless i get creative with a design…

  6. Sometimes I just need it simple! I am working on a slightly smaller version for a charity and I have to say, “this is working out nicely!” Thank you for your site and the great ideas and simple to follow directions, I can’t even begin to tell you how much happiness and JOY the quilts I have made from your patterns have brought to others…and myself…I am on the fourth Calico rose queen size now and I have a lot of red and orange cloth so think I will do another using one of these as my background cloth and the other as the backing…Thank You and know, Joy ,light and happiness are being wished for you and your family.

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