Kitchen Progress

Progress has slowed, but is still progress.


This week we installed two of the three sections of countertop.


Also, the range and (nearly) the vent hood.

You can tell we are still under construction.  Either that or we always keep construction adhesive next to the teapot.

We still look in the wrong places for things, but I truly love it and so appreciate all the work Husband has put in building it for me.

10 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress

  1. Thank you for sharing your kitchen progress Deanna.
    The cabinets are beautiful and the floor! Yeah, funny how it takes time to change your brain to the new arrangement haha

    You might be on to something here with the idea of easily in reach construction adhesive at all times. 🙃😂

  2. New kitchens take some adjustment, even when you are the one who changed where things are kept! It looks really beautiful.

  3. The wood in your cabinets is stunning. You probably did not get to it, but I highly recommend knobs and handles on them. When we redid our kitchen we left them off because we thought it looked cleaner. A few years later, we had to refinish the doors because all the handling wore the finish off the wood and ingrained dirt and grease. Looking terrific!

  4. It is beautiful! Husband built one for me when we lived in Maryland. When we sold the house I knew that is what I would miss the most, and I do! Enjoy!

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