A Sleuth Of Bears

What do you call a group of bears?  A SLEUTH!!  What a fantastic word.

And what a great description for this finally-finished project that started with Sparkle Jane, but eventually involved all of us.


A high school friend of Sparkle Jane was involved in a service project making charity bears.  There were leftovers and Sparkle said she could make some bears.  There was A LOT of leftovers.  In typical Sparkle style, she cut until she couldn’t cut any more.

DSC01954 (1)


And then it was time to stitch.  Each bear, of course, needed to be unique.

Then she got tired and set it aside, but this year she was determined to finish.  ALL OF THEM.


She finished all the faces.  I helped with eyes.  Then it was time for everyone to help with stuffing and stitching.


And they are finally finished.  YAY!  Soon to be donated to worthy causes.  Whew!

12 thoughts on “A Sleuth Of Bears

  1. May I please make two suggestions for the Sleuth of Bears? First, to the nearest “Ronald McDonald House” and to a children’s ward in any hospital or to a children’s hospital. Because of the button eyes, some hospitals may not accept them.

    Our local chapter of “The Bear Team” is making bears with embroidered faces for our “Ronald McDonald House” for the parents staying there to have to comfort them. The Bear Team was started to provide stuff animals (started with bears, now we do other animals also). The team does fund raising to buy the smaller size of “Build-A-Bears” and team members make scrub outfits for the animals.

    Good luck with finding new homes for the “Sleuth of Bears”,


  2. That might even be TWO sleuths! LOL That is a lot of beautiful, compassionate giving from all of you.

  3. So cute, guess I need to jump in too…. they are really beary beary nice! Isn’t it fun to be making things besides masks! Lol…. hope your family is enjoying time together. Bear Hugs!!

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