Final Countdown Task Two

Time for Task Two of the Final Countdown.

This time Shelly suggests that we clean up the fabric storage and stray fabric piles.

I regularly maintain my quilting fabric, but there is another, darker place under that table I cleaned off yesterday.

It is my Big Pile Of Junk. We call it that with greatest affection. It is how I am able to say “yes” to all sorts of people and projects. And, I had been thinking about some doll clothes for the granddaughters.

Oh, that was a dangerous thought…

Looking through turned into making piles.

And piles became outfits.

And outfits became many.

These are going in the mail today. And I need to go clean up after all that fun!

5 thoughts on “Final Countdown Task Two

  1. I’m always envious to see how multi-talented quilters are. I’m just a quilt maker, but always thinking I will do more later. Later just hasn’t arrived yet! Happy New Year!

  2. Those are so cute, Deanna! Your talents know no limits. It would take me days to straighten my fabric supplies, and I need to do it. I’ve done some already, but I need more shelves.

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