Ugly Little Secrets We Hide From Ourselves

It is well known that I get excited about scraps and possibilities and the leftovers other people share with me. I even have a specific place in my sewing room for such things. But, the space had overflowed and included a few (maybe 5 or 6) grocery bags on the floor.

So I spread them all out. Whoops!

The “ugly little secret” wasn’t so little.

After a complete sort and evaluate, and a solid conversation or two with myself, it is now separated into categories and ready to roll. Categories: 1. Someone else will love more. 2. Not really a separate project and reabsorb into stash. 3. Special fabrics that are the start of a quilt and need friends. 4. Fabrics that play well together and are nearly ready to be a quilt. 5. Most of a quilt kit (typically baby quilts for gifting or donation). 6. Second Chance Quilt projects (15 of these–YAY!).

In fact, I picked my next Second Chance Quilt and hope to have some time with it today. Hmmm…what do these 4 lovely 18″ blocks want to become? We shall see…

I am so happy for this moment (a few hours, actually) of honesty. I feel refreshed and more excited than ever to get going on some of these projects.

5 thoughts on “Ugly Little Secrets We Hide From Ourselves

  1. You did a great (but hard) sorting job and now it will be better to make some progress and have the load lifted. I just mailed out some fabric and stuff to someone who could better use it and it feels great.

  2. I have gotten rid of so many shoeboxes of fabric in the last few months – friends went through and picked, I sold some at the guild, and donated a lot. Can you believe I still have shelves of fabric left? You did a great job of sorting!

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