Orphan No More


After completing the practice blocks for the My-Size Stars Quilt something kept nagging in the back of my mind.  They sort of reminded me…of…mmm…

Well, Thursday and Friday I did some cleaning in my sewing area and found (read: dug down to) some orphan blocks.  Some came in scrap bags and some were leftovers (read: mistakes) from previous projects. 

After adding a little here, and trimming a little there and making a few more quick blocks, there was enough for a lap quilt (55″ x 55″).

Ah, orphan no more.

This will be a donation to Em’s Happy Chemo quilts. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming (the projects I was SUPPOSED to be working on when this jumped in the line).

9 thoughts on “Orphan No More

  1. i love it..i have a box i put my orphan blocks in and every once in awhile i take them out , lay them out and see what i can do with them..don;t have quite enough for a lapsize quilt yet but when i do i hope it turns out as nicely as yours…isn;t it fun what you can do with scraps, orphan blocks and leftovers???? just a little bit of imagination and you end up with something wonderful!! good for you and for us to see…

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