Sundae Pincushion

I found this interesting object in a thrift store for 69-cents.  Too darling to leave behind.


So it came home with me.  To become a pincushion.


First try went…badly.  What was I thinking?!  Wrong shape.  Wrong size.


Second try, however, turned into this!



I am pretty sure I could make a pincushion every week for a year and not get tired of it.  Which is funny, because I really don’t use pincushions much.  I have a metal magnetic tray.

7 thoughts on “Sundae Pincushion

  1. LOL! I use a magnetic tray too! But when I’m hand sewing I have a little toy cat holding a pin cushion – a gift from my brother, so it goes with me wherever I travel on holiday/vacation! Plus a cathedral window quilt that is gradually getting larger that I like to work on.

  2. I really like pin cushions, but they need some heft to them so they don’t wobble when I stab them. Of course, I have 4 magnetic pin holders that I use the most, but I do have a pin cushion on my ironing board as well…a darling hedgehog I received as a gift last month, and a beautiful chicken on my dresser to hold safety pins there.

  3. There’s a market for everything, including cute pincushions! I like that you made the colors of fabric match the colors on the sundae dish. That’s really cute, but I kinda see where you were going with the first one, too. You need to find an ice cream cone bowl for that one!

  4. You do make some cute pin cushions. I was the recipient of one a few years back when I helped out with a finishing project around Christmas time for you. Can’t recall but, I believe it was a quilt binding for either you or one your daughter Miss Sparkle Jane was working on. We met up at Penney’s in the New Gate Mall and you gave me a sweet little flower pot pin cushion. I use pin cushions all the time. I try to keep away from the magnetic ones because my sewing machine has a computer in it. Thank you again… it is used all the time. Jean

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