Film At Five Is A Flimsy

Housework and “shoulds” gave way somewhat for “wanna” quilting.  And, just before we lose too much light for decent pictures, Film At Five is officially a flimsy.

More little scraps.  But, hopefully you can see the five-by-five patches  and the sort of film-ish feeling to the sashing.  At least that is where the name comes from.

Nothing fancy.  But, you might like it if you like scrappy or have a lot of 2-1/2″ squares lying around. Next priority is diligently working on the tutorial.

Coming soon to a blog near you–like in the next few days.  Before real life takes over.  But what a delicious long-quilting-weekend it has been.

24 responses to “Film At Five Is A Flimsy

  1. I love it just as much as I thought I would! Great idea, great pattern. I look forward to the tutorial! Looks like it was a great sewing day, too!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I L-O-V-E this quilt!!! You keep making my bucket list get longer, and longer, and . . .

  3. Great quilt! I look forward to the tutorial.

  4. How awesome! Maybe I’ll start piecing little square together.

  5. Me and my bucket full of 2.5″ squares LOVE this pattern!

  6. Oh, yay, Deanna!! It’s wonderful!!! And the name is perfect!! Glad you had fun quilting the past two days!!

  7. LOVE this quilt! I am looking forward to the tutorial…

  8. Another winner. I love it! Nice productive sewing time.

  9. This is fantastic!!! Looking forward to seeing how you decide to quilt it!!! Well done on completing such a productive weekend – wish I had your stamina & drive!!!

  10. beautiful!!!! and i have a ton of 2.5’s just waiting for the tutorial…glad you had a great sewing weekend…

  11. Very lovely. Great choice of name, or was it the inspiration and then the quilt followed.


  13. Very pretty top! Its name is so appropriate. Definitely goes on my list of future projects, maybe with all my Christmas scraps.

  14. What a beautiful quilt! ….and I have just the perfect pile of scraps to make one so I’m looking forward to your tutorial!

  15. Makes a nice scrap quilt, like the lattice squares, helps to tie it all together..

  16. This is lovely!! I really enjoy your scrappy quilts. Just think, in another 16 weeks, I can start working on Ellie’s Fading Charms quilt! :)

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  18. Such a beautiful scrappy quilt! This will have to go on my list for my growing stash of 2.5 in squares.

  19. Love this quilt…I gonna have to make this one too!

  20. Marybeth Nieves

    I love your quilt, I really want to make one, this might just be the one I try! It is awesome and scrappy but totally light and airy, which I think adds a lot to the PSQ.

  21. Hi,
    I was so interested in your postage stamp quilt. I like your pattern. I’d like to share a few I have done with you – not necessarily for posting though I don’t really care but just to share with you. How do I go about sending photos to you?

  22. Deanna, check the new Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap comments on my blog! A LOT of people are planning to make this out of their charms. SO glad we share our love of scrappy little bits of fabric!

  23. I absolutely LOVE this quilt!!! You have successfully “inspired” me to get started on it!!!

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