A Green Dress

Daughter wanted a green dress…Notice, I didn’t say NEEDED….and she knew she didn’t need it…but she did WANT it.

I told her that after the lace dress (see a few entries back) I wasn’t making a new dress this soon.  She could see the sense in that and decided that she would go thrifting and see what she could see.


Really?!  That is a horrible dress.

Horrible except that it fit pretty well in the bodice…and it looked like an interesting challenge.

The real issue was that I had nearly no black fabric in my big pile of junk and certainly not the shiny stuff she desired. We did a quick trip to Joann’s for some shiny and sparkly…


Scissors, ruffles and trim later, we had a dress…


And, of course, a pin…


And a happy daughter!

11 thoughts on “A Green Dress

  1. How wonderful. You are such a great mom to do this for her. She will surely remeber it and maybe do the same for her daughter some day. My little girl stopped wearing dresses and skirts going into 2nd grade. I had a big tomboy. Sigh, Oh well. She is a lovely young lady and daughter. I have been able to sew desses and skirts for my three great neices.

  2. it’s yet another gorgeous dress you’ve made and I love that your daughter wants you to make it for her! how many daughters don’t want their mom to be involved in their wardrobe…

  3. You two are so creative. Good on you for doing that wanted (not need) dresss. I still want things that I don’t need (fabric).

  4. Beautiful! I took a peek back at your “lace dress” also…amazing! I have an almost 13 year old daughter that loves it when I make dresses for her, I am sure she will be bugging me for a new one soon! Glad to be following your blog! ~Kerrielee

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