Big Block (And The Oldest UFO)

Sparkle Jane stitched down the binding on Big Block last night.  This, along with Small Block, make a twin set.  They are both improv pieced using strips of random width in a log cabin arrangement.  They turned out so sweet. I am certain they will find the right babies.


This morning early I finished the oldest of the baby quilts.


At Thanksgiving my aunt gave me a bag with a partial project she started back in the 80’s.  Using all the fabric available, I finished it to this small (33″ square) quilt that will surely also find a baby to warm.  It is sort of in my mind already.  A young mother sorts through the quilts and says, “Oh THIS one is so much like the one Grandma Smith made me when I was a baby. And since this baby is named after her, this quilt will be PERFECT.”

Now, that makes 50 and 51.  Nearly there!

6 thoughts on “Big Block (And The Oldest UFO)

    1. I wish I had words of wisdom on the quilting. It is very quick on small quilts and I don’t find it hard to manage. The width is close, but definitely not perfect…we’ll hope it is a cool, organic look and not just wonky in a bad way. The width between is 2-1/2 to 3″. I just eyeball it and have a rough idea in my head. Not very helpful, I know, but the truth.

  1. Also I love the pinks and blues, and the hearts. Do you still have your fairy? Angel? Quilt set aside? It would look gorgeous with a little red binding! I always thought that, that one was the prettiest-sweetest of them all. The one that you weren’t sure if you needed to do more on. Although, I would be tempted to keep that one for a grandaughter!

  2. What a lovely thought, Deanna. Each quilt you’re giving will make some mother’s heart sing. How nice for them to know someone cares enough to make something special for their own precious baby.

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