A Small Herd

My cousin and his wife are expecting, and my mother asked me to make them a special quilt:  COWS!


It is a small herd, but I love it.

If you want to make a special quilt, but not so many fiddly blocks, consider this quilt.  The ideas was inspired by Deedee and her quilt of valor HERE:   https://deedeequilts.blogspot.com/2017/07/quilts-for-vets-of-wayne-county-tn-part.html


The cow block is a pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts and can be purchased HERE: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SewFreshQuilts


The rest is 3-1/2″ squares.  The finished top measures 36″x37″.


That makes three baby quilts that are finished tops and need to be quilted.  I really need to get myself together and get that done.  Babies grow fast.

11 thoughts on “A Small Herd

  1. I saw your A Small Herd quilt and knew I needed to make a similar one for my soon to be born grandson. I was wondering what the finished size of your quilt is and how large you square patches are. Thanks.

    1. The squares started at 3-1/2″ and finish at 3″. The entire quilt is, I believe, 36″ wide and 37″ tall. Not a large quilt, but a good size for a new baby. I would love to see yours when it is done.

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