Cows And Crayons Complete

Two more baby quilts complete.

The cows you have seen before.  (Thank you to Sew Fresh Quilts for the great design.)

Crayons snuck in quickly and behind the scenes.

They are both heading to my parents’ house for distribution to family and friends.  I have three more scheduled for this same purpose.  My parents are very tolerant of my sewing obsession.  A few years ago my mother proudly announced that she now had enough Deanna quilts for every bed in the house.  And she rotates them from time to time.  She is very protective of them, too. Some guests are deemed “not worthy” without even knowing it and the Deanna quilt is removed from the bed and replaced with a store-bought comforter before they arrive if she has any reason to suppose that they might not be appreciative or careful of the quilt.  I think it is a little funny.

These quilts, though, are definitely to be used. Just right for wrapping babies.

11 thoughts on “Cows And Crayons Complete

  1. The cows are a wonderful way to dress up a fast design, and I always love the crayons. It’s amazing how many scraps you use in those – and that you have enough of each color! Your mother has the right idea, from my point of view. =)

  2. Both quilts are simply adorable! And a great way to wrap a baby. Hee, hee! I have been thinking about your cows a lot lately and did a google search to find them again. I am so glad to have found your finish post. I’d appreciate your thoughts on a discussion post I am planning on my blog. Please send me an email.

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