Black And Bright Complete

YAY!  A finished quilt is a wonderful thing.

Black and bright started as a bunch of black and white print fabrics leftover (mostly) from three black-based quilts I made a while back.

Add the bright pieces and you are off!

And a scrappy binding. And a suitable back.

Ta-dah, a quilt

7 thoughts on “Black And Bright Complete

  1. What a great backing ! It goes so well with that quilt.

    I haven’t made much progress on mine, but I did get some more black & white fabrics so I’ll be able to make it bigger. We’re now busy making placemats for an organization that is setting up apartments to help families transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic abuse, etc. So sometime next week I should be able to get back to my Black, White & Bright quilt. It make me happy just to see it on the design wall! Thanks again for sharing yours.

  2. I so appreciate you posting pictures of the quilts that you and Sparkle Jane make! I’ve made a few and have linked friends here to see what they can do with their squares. It’s great that a lot of your quilts can be made with whatever size square our scraps dictate and we can also manage the size of the quilt. You have given me many hours of mindlessly sewing squares together during some difficult times. With all the prayer that goes on during these sessions, it’s no wonder they bring peace and comfort to the recipients. 🙂 Hugs…..

    1. Sewing and quilting have been a great blessing to me specifically during times of stress or sorrow…it gives me a way to turn those negative things into beauty.  It makes any day a happy place.   Deanna

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