Christmas Totes From Papa’s Pants

The grandchildren needed library totes, and I had a lot of my Father’s worn out jeans (Thank you for saving them, Momma). (NO, I don’t know why a few of these pictures insist on being sideways…there are many mysteries in life.)

I did create the pattern, but am just not up to writing a tutorial right now. Perhaps in the future.

And I supplemented the totes with MINI TOTES for the dolls of the two granddaughters.

Sturdy and serviceable (and packed with some fun treats), we hope the grandchildren will enjoy some love from Nana Deanna.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Totes From Papa’s Pants

  1. They’ll be nice and sturdy made of denim. I like the extra bands of color, too! And in addition to Nana’s love, there’s the connection to their great grandfather. A triple win in my book.

  2. I love these — great design. I would love to see a tutorial for these. The little ones for the dolls are sweet. I have a stash of heavy jeans from my son and have been trying to figure out what to do with them.

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