Final Countdown: Task Two

The challenge continues with Shelly and her Final Countdown. Did you know she has been leading quilters to success for 13 years? Now, that is a reason to celebrate!

Anyway, task two is Pick 3 easy tasks that need doing. She said it might be a little tricky, but I came up with three.

  1. Sort the Christmas fabric. That way I will be prepared and know what I really need for those After Christmas/New Year sales.
  2. Make the binding for that quilt…A friend has a wedding coming up quickly for one of her sons. She had a UFO we were able to get to a finished top in just a day. The quilt is at the quilters now and I said I would bind it for her. I am now prepared for as soon as it comes back.
  1. Clean out that one tub. It is a bit of a catch all. I have put away the things that need put away. Put a few things in the give away pile. Generally got it in better shape. YAY!

Thank you Shelly, as always.

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