Oh My Stars, It’s Finished!

This started as a quiltalong in (I hesitate to say it) 2011.  I realize that is no sort of record, but it was a long time for me to wait for something I really liked and wanted to see finished.


And now it is.


Being sick has advantages. I can’t do much but sit and rest.  And when I can’t sleep my hands need something to do.


It is scrappy, but controlled scrappy.  I loved the backing/binding fabric when I saw it and I decided to coordinate the front to the back again.  Sure enough, it worked!  I loved the back, and I love the front.  There are about 60 different fabrics, I think.  Enough to give variety, but not chaos.  Even though the blocks are stars, the color gives it a leaf feeling.  Sort of tricky!


So, there you have it.  A finished Oh My Stars quilt.  I think it will be a quilt for my guest room, which I am working to rotate seasonally.  So far I have three quilts–winter, summer and this one will be fall.  Hmm…time to start thinking about spring?


18 thoughts on “Oh My Stars, It’s Finished!

  1. Looks fabulous! I need to get mine quilted. It has been waiting for me to be inspired as to how to quilt it. I have a few ideas – enough to start. Now I just need time.

  2. Oh my! So gorgeous, you make me want to put all my fabric, dive into it and what I come out holding will be the colors for my quilt:). I love following your blog, it always projects happiness and warmth:) HUGZ:)

  3. I’m amazed it’s been that long! I think I remember you starting it. Maybe. LOL It looks fabulous. Can’t wait to see what you do for spring!

  4. i wouldn’t be surprised if I have that quilt started somewhere in my UFOs but I’m telling you it would not be as pretty as yours..i love the colors and yes it looks like fall but still so bright and springy looking too..and I do love the back..i have one quilt–which is yet to be put together –the blocks are done–that I bought the back for before I even began cutting..you inspire us all to do so many beautiful things..

  5. lovely. Love the colors. Sigh! I’m doing a serendipity quilt. That’s 2 in 1. I do 1 quilt and with the cut offs it makes another. Really cool looking. Both go to the cancer center when done. Love your pattern.

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