Another Little One

Thanks to a terrific scrap bag, here is another baby quilt finish for the year.  There were a lot of Half-Square Triangles in a recent donation.  Some were already paired into squares and some were loose.  But they were fairly large and I could see a possibility.


I needed to add, I think, 10 squares, but, really, it was a mostly finished project.

Even though the front has a nautical feel, the back is cowboys, because that is what I had.  Sometimes that is the way it is, and the colors do work.


I did the quilting on my grandmother’s Pfaff 130.  It is simple and echoes the asymmetrical layout.


The little quilt finishes at about 35″ square.  You can create something similar by starting with 25 6″ colored and 25 6″ background squares.  Create HST.  Square up to 5-1/2″.  Lay out in an asymmetrical pattern.  Stitch together.  Just that simple!


Mary built THREE–two for twin great granddaughter’s, and a dolly version for big sister!

baby q's, granny sq afghan 007

…your beautiful creation HERE!

13 thoughts on “Another Little One

  1. You have a scrap bag?? I have scrap bins! I have 10 bins, and each bin is the color of the scraps inside, and almost all of them are full!! I sure hope my Grandaughter learns to quilt! LOL!”

  2. Lovely! I have been having fun with a bag of scraps this week, too, that I found at our guild meeting Monday. I should have a baby and doll quilt to show early next week and I’ll donate them back to the guild for our charity outreach. Sometimes playing with someone elses’ scraps is the most fun!

  3. I love it…the colors are gorgeous…just waiting for my granddaughter to have her twins—next Saturday if not before—and I will quick make a pair of girl or boy quilts like this to send her…she doesn’t choose to know what she is having..

    I have two boxes of scraps and could not get a needle in either one so I’ve got to either use some up or start another box!!!!

    I too like the offset pattern….

  4. I really like the offset pattern also. I have always admired these, but thought that it would be too complicated to make. You took care of that for me by explaining. I now can’t wait to try one! Thanks

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