Campout: A Sparkle Jane Finish

Sparkle Jane started this quilt when she was about 15 or 16.  She got the idea from a paper pieced pattern, but asked me if there wasn’t a way to resize or rework it to straight piecing.


I am not comfortable sharing the pattern because it is so like the original,  and I try to respect copywrite, but I must say that Sparkle Jane’s version is wonderful.


Tara, our quilter, did a beautiful job.


And it goes in Sparkle’s quilt hoard.


DSC01774.JPGShe is dragon-like in her desire to have a great pile to haul off to her own cave someday.

9 thoughts on “Campout: A Sparkle Jane Finish

  1. Gorgeous, and well done. The quilting is beautiful. If she wants to be traditional. She needs to have 12, and then her friends and family make the 13th one as a wedding gift, so you can start us with blocks any time, now that she’s an adult. LOL

  2. Hello Deanna! Oh, I love this version! She’ll have quite a stash when she gets her own cave and all her friends will admire them. Gorgeous fabric choices all around – she did a really nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Please tell Sparkle Jane I love the quilt… so bright and colorful and fun. Looking at it made me think that the white ought to have a shape to it… like say a tree and all the rest is her pieces that fill in around the white… sorry my mind goes places. lol
    It’s lovely…

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