Sticks And Bricks Blocks Finished

You know how it is–You see an inspiring picture on the internet and, either you can’t find it again, or it has no website attached, or….well, the fact is that I am not sure how to get back to it.  But it was a really good idea.


And here is my version, at least the blocks.  I call it Sticks and Stones.

I hope to get it laid out and assembled by the end of the week.

More information coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Sticks And Bricks Blocks Finished

  1. I’ve got several quilts going but this one is right for me. I’m thinking black and white sticks with coloured and white stones… hummmm, let me think about it. Looking forward to your next notes on this…

  2. If there are no instructions or I’m afraid I’ll forget where I saw it, I will take a picture of it with my phone.

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