Black And Bright Top Complete

It started as a color experiment.  My black and white scraps were overflowing, as were the solids.


Not a bad combination.

It seems a little too much like other designs I have done recently, but I ran out of scraps before it could go further.

The binding will be scrappy solids to mirror those pieces in the quilt.  I hope to quilt it in the next few weeks and we’ll see how it looks as a finished piece.


68″ square.  Not very big, but as big as I could go with what I had. And that is OK.  Nice couch quilt size.

6 thoughts on “Black And Bright Top Complete

  1. I have been smitten with scraps since finding you. The quilt is pretty.
    Starting today with leaders and enders.

  2. You do love those little pieces, honey. You got a lot more patience & stamina than I. Still Gorgeous as always. WOW!

  3. It looks wonderful. It shows you did a lot with black and white somewhere along the way, too. =)

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