Blue Progress

With school starting and all the craziness that means this year in particular, my sewing time is…much less. But, I have made a little progress on the blue quilt.

And this is how I keep my blocks, especially large ones, flat while I keep piecing. I guess it is a good thing my sewing space is in the laundry room.

6 thoughts on “Blue Progress

  1. Good morning! Well, that’s a clever way of keeping your blocks nice and flat and all the pieces together. I usually just drape mine over the arm of the visitor’s chair (that never sees a visitor) in my sewing room. {{Hugs}} I know what you mean about this being a different start to the school year. Egad. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I hang my blocks the same way. Love they are always ready for the next step! I have some hanger holders on a couple cabinet doors in my sewing room that works well.

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