Sweet Scrappy Saturday

Sparkle Jane (Daughter) has started a scrappy sewing group that meets at her shop once a month and makes items for donation.

The favorite project these days is the Welcome Home blocks (tutorial coming sometime soon) that are assembled to make large couch or twin sized quilts (60″ x 80″).

Sparkle Jane herself did the assembly work on my “new” Featherweight. It sews straight and true.

And in the end we had one completed top and only 6 blocks short of second. YAY! Next day scheduled for November 21.

12 thoughts on “Sweet Scrappy Saturday

  1. Such a nice idea to Patch with youngers, my grand daughters love to Quilt too,
    have a good day,

  2. Wonderful blocks! Can’t wait to see the tutorial. The Featherweight may be underpowered, but the stitiching it does is perfection. Make sure you never yank threads out and catch threads in the hook/bobbin area as the tolerance is so tight, the threads will jam things up. People complain about it, but that is what makes the machine a stitching gem. Nice job, Sparkle Jane!

    1. I learned to sew on a 1940 FW, and I guess I’ve never done that, because in all these decades of using them, I’ve never had that happen. It is also fabulous for binding – it saved my sanity when I had to bind with satin one time!

  3. She’s always been innovative and proactive in quilting and service. What a great combination they make, and your new sweetheart machine is a winner, too!

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