Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Step Two

Another tentative step forward on an alternate setting for the blocks I have finished for the Safe Haven quilt kit.

I decided to add 1-1/2″ strip around each block.

Each block gets a different color, one that is contained in the block but not dominate on the side.

All of them are finished and it is time to contemplate Step Three. I am going back and forth between 2-1/2″ sashing in the light tan color that serves as a background in several of the blocks, a 1-1/2″ sashing of the same, and just sewing them all together. Your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Step Two

  1. I’d go with the wider and the background, if I needed it bigger. I think it does need sashing. But I’ll probably love it if there isn’t any, too. =)

  2. I think the 2.5″ sashing would tie it together well while also giving the eye a place to rest. But you have an eye for these things, so whatever you finally decide will look great.

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