One Thing Leads To Another

The kitchen/dining chairs really needed new seats. My father built this set in the mid-1970s after one of their old chairs broke while my mother was standing on it to reach the top cabinet to get down the silver chest for a holiday dinner. She broke several ribs. He was very angry and broke the old rickety set to pieces and made one that WOULD NOT BREAK.

I was given the set when I moved out on my own. What a great gift!

It has been used and used. Four children and all their friends. Meals. School projects. Game nights. Teary conversations. Grandchildren.

The seats have been recovered a few times.

But the table top also needed help this time. It looked a little shabby next to the new, shiny seats.

And that started to reflect on the condition and decorating of the adjoining living room, so I started a new quilt.

Yep, that is how things happen sometimes.

10 thoughts on “One Thing Leads To Another

  1. Nicely done! My husband jokingly says “That just sounds like an excuse to make another quilt!”

  2. One thing always leads to another, just like a snowball rolling down hill. You’re so lucky to have a father that can make such beautiful furniture.

  3. Another quilt indeed🥰❣️

    The chairs! Your daddy made those? Wow❤️❤️❤️ those are treasures. Did he make the table too? Incredible. They do look absolutely beautiful.🍄🌼🌟

  4. I love that post! I need to recover my chairs and refinish my table, but I do NOT need a new quilt to use in the living room I no longer have. LOL That doesn’t mean you can’t convince me to make another one, of course.

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