One Hundred Forty

One hundred forty scrappy blocks.


I started this project about mid-September 2012.  We are now about 9 months  and nearly 3000 pieces of fabric later. My thanks to Susan for the design and Michelle for her lovely suggestion.

My plan is to make twin twin quilts, meaning two twin-sized quilts.  Some people I know have a guest room with two twin sized beds just begging for quilts.  Or, at least we’ll hope so.  It is a planned present.


First, of course, there is assembly and quilting and binding and all those steps, but I can say this step is FINISHED.

Which means I have only one active quilt.  Something must be done about that. Perhaps I can balance desire and duty by starting one new quilt and pulling out one UFO.  Three at a time seems a good quilting schedule for me. 🙂

9 thoughts on “One Hundred Forty

  1. I really love this one and also have one of these started..i have lots of UFOs and I really need to do something about that but I do love this one..keep up the good work of always having something going, something waiting and something you have just finished…you’ll never be bored…

  2. 1 1/2″ squares? I think I’ll have to pass on that one! I have too many million 2 1/2″ squares calling to me 😀

  3. I plan to use 2 inch squares finished to 1 1/2. or 2 1/2 finished to 2 inches for a larger quilt. I will have to do the finishins sizes but have charts for that.Geneva

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