How Did You Celebrate?

Today, March 19, is Worldwide Quilting Day.  I hope you were able to celebrate in a very quilty way.

The weather was lovely and I had errands and chores, but on a beautiful spring day, who minds that?

While running errands I went to pick up some scraps that I had been offered.  Jackpot!  I didn’t want all the fabric in the two large bags and one box, but there was some that just suited me.


Part of it was a pile of 30’s reproduction fabrics.  How perfect!  I was wanting to join in the Splendid Sampler series, but hadn’t felt inspired on fabric selection.  This is just what I needed.  So, part of my celebration today was starting a new project.  I plan to make two of each block that interests me.  I do not feel compelled to make all of the blocks, but by making two of the ones I do like, I am sure to end up with enough blocks for a fair sized quilt at the end.  It will be fun to find out.


About 2 weeks ago I started a baby quilt for a fellow teacher and his wife.  Crayons!  All six crayons are created now and I am assembling the top.  That is worth celebrating! (No pattern, but there are similar ideas out there–just do a search for “crayon quilt.”)


Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week because that is when the new blocks for Circa 2016 are released by Temecula Quilt Company.  Had to work on those, too.


And, finally, a new leader-ender quilt since I have finished all my Hundred Patch blocks.  I call it Sweet Sixteen.  I don’t know how large this one will be either.  Probably until I am tired of it.  It is based on 2-inch squares and would require 125 blocks for a queen size finished.

So, I have celebrated in style!  Thanks for sharing in the joy of quilting with me.


7 thoughts on “How Did You Celebrate?

  1. You really did celebrate! How wonderful to get a new stash of fabric pieces and already find a project to use them. Love your crayon quilt! I didn’t do a lot. I corrected a mis-sewn border, squared some donated blocks for a baby quilt, and then tried to figure out how to make them fit together. Started that process, too. Only a little over two hours, but it was fun. =)

  2. Love your crayon quilt! I did mental quilting today, staring at a large print fabric, deciding how to cut it with the least loss of design. Tomorrow I’ll actually cut it.

  3. I worked on my grandsons graduation quilt….Hunter’s Star. I start them very early so I don’t have to worry about getting them done!I finished my granddaughter’s last year (she graduates this June). Her’s is your pattern for the Super Star’s quilt. I didn’t make it as big as the pattern called for, but with the extra block, I made a throw pillow for her!

  4. You are a busy lady. wow so many projects. I’ve just started on my first king size quilt (for a friend-) we may not be friends afterwards since I”m only a basic quilter and just using a repeat star block with contrasting colors. hehehe…but here goes. this is the biggest project I’ve ever started I only have a small brother home machine. wish me luck..and good luck to you on all your projects.

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