Another baby quilt: Crosswalk. This was in the pile of completed tops and your encouragement helped me towards a finish.


It isn’t my favorite, but it is done.  It is somewhat similar to the Growing Up Odd quilt, which I love.  In fact, it is on the bed in my guest room right now. But,  I don’t really love this one.


I think the issue is either scale or not enough repeats to give it the “cool” look. And, that just has to be OK.  I give myself permission to experiment and try new ideas.  It is unrealistic to expect 100% of them to be wonderful.  But each one has value, even if only in experience.


16 thoughts on “Crosswalk

  1. I do like it. I’m wondering if you’d have liked it more if the long, skinny ones all made a plus in the middle, sort of. I’m trying to visualize that, but then I fall down. LOL

  2. I believe each quilter, at some point and time, faces the reality that we do not like a quilt we created. Yet, most likely, we learned something new and had fun with the process. For me that is the main event…..have fun and enjoy. What we do not like, some where in this world a person would love to be covered up with a warm, cuddly quilt that is made with love! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day creating your next quilt!

  3. I know the feeling of not being in love with a quilt I have made. I wish I could transfer how much I like this one to you so you could enjoy it. I think this quilt is wonderful.

  4. I loved it! The colors are bright and pretty and I know babies love colors . You are very talented woman!

  5. I LOVE your attitude! It allows for taking risks, which more often than not has spectacular results. 🙂 Stephanie

  6. Wow! Colorful for sure. Love it, but if I look at it too long I get confused. Must be my old age. LOL!

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