Small Rectangles FINISHED

This one was a while coming, just because it is a lot of cutting. The good news is it is all scraps (not that you can tell by looking at the scrap bins).

It is based on THIS BLOCK, but uses rectangles cut at 2″x 3-1/2″. Eighteen of them per block.

There are 110 blocks in all and it finishes at about 90″ x 99″.

It doesn’t have a home yet, but I love just looking at it for now. So cheerful.

11 thoughts on “Small Rectangles FINISHED

  1. What a lovely color combination you used. I need to start cutting up my scraps to make one of these! Thanks for the inspiration! I think this is known as the “potato chip” block.

  2. Of course you love looking at it! It’s a gorgeous quilt, and the colors give it an overall feel of the lake or ocean. Beautiful for when it isn’t raining and you wish it would!

  3. It is gorgeous! I have made 2 quilts with this pattern but I separated my blocks with sashing. Next one will be set together like yours! Love to see all your finished projects .

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