TUTORIAL: Stutter Steps Quilt

Grab a charm pack or the never-ending bag of scraps and create this simple, but serviceable,  baby quilt.  I decided to try a tinted background instead of my perennial  white.  The light grey is from Made in America fabrics, and I really like it.  The color is not too light and not too dark,  and the fabric cut and ironed easily.

Enjoy making your own version of Stutter Steps.



32″ x 36″


A charm pack OR scraps–some at least 2-1/2 ”  wide and 5″ long.  I picked all BRIGHTS!

3/4  yard background (here light grey)

1-1/8 yard backing

batting at least 40″ x 40″

1/3 yard binding


1.  If using a charm pack, pick 28 of your favorites and cut them each in half, creating  two rectangles  2-1/2″ x 5″.  If using scraps, cut 56 rectangles  2-1/2″ x 5″.


2. From your background fabric cut the following:  2 2″x 36-1/2″, 2 2-1/2″x 36-1/2″, 2 3″x 36-1/2″, 2 3-1/2″ x 36-1/2″. You should have eight strips in all.



1. Sort the colored rectangles into 7 piles of eight each.  Stitch along the short side, joining them into long strips of 8 rectangles each.


2. Lay out the quilt, starting with a 2″ background strip.  Alternate the background and colored sections.  You should have a 2″ strips, colored strip, 2-1/2″ strip, colored strip, 3″ strip, colored strip, 3-1/2″ strip, colored strip, 3-1/2″ strip, colored strip, 3″ strip, colored strip, 2-1/2″ strip, colored strip, 2″ strip.  Eight background pieces and 7 colored strips.

3. Stitch together.  I like to sew each time from opposite ends to help keep the final quilt square.


4. Layer, quilt and bind as desired.  I used stitching in the background pieces 1/4″ from the seam.

5. Ta-dah!  You have completed a Stutter Steps quilt.


6. In retrospect, I would alter this pattern to make it a little larger.  By adding an additional 8 charms (16 rectangles) and  2 background strips 1-1/2″ x 36-1/2″, you would have a better size quilt.  If I complete a quilt with these changes I will update the tutorial.  In the meantime, here is a small baby quilt.  Enjoy!



Mary’s pastel version.  Nice layout!

baby q's, granny sq afghan 001

Martha made one, too.


…your beautiful creation HERE!

7 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: Stutter Steps Quilt

  1. There’s a baby shower on Jan. 2. I wasn’t going to make a quilt, but maybe I can finish this one. We’ll see how my blocks go today that I have to finish. This is how you will reach 52!

  2. You are a Temptress. I have been working with this exact size pieces (2 1/2″ x 5″) on Sunday. Only I was sewing a white rectangle to mine. I am making a coin quilt. They were left over pieces from my 2 quilts I made over the Xmas 4 day break. I need to get out more rectangles from my bin to finish off the coin quilt so I will see if I can fit this one in. I will heed your suggestion and make it a little larger. I have another 4 day break from work and am looking forward to more sewing time.

  3. I have a shower to go to on Jan. 10 and this is perfect…I am getting out my ‘baby’ scrap bin this morning and cutting the rectangles and I will check and see what ‘background’ fabric I have..i think it will be white on white..but it is darling and it shouldn’t take too long to make…something I could actually finish by then…thanks for the great tutorial…

  4. I might have to make this into a memory quilt, using some of my father-in-laws shirts and pants for my in-laws, I can easily cut rectangles out of those and either buy background fabric or use the jeans.

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