Wrong Size. Perfect Color.

I spotted this at a yard sale about a month ago.  Oh. My. Heck.  That is one beautiful shirt.  But, when I pulled it out of the pile, it was obviously the wrong size. (Sorry for the picture quality.  I am not a master of selfie photography.  Thank goodness.)


But, it was one dollar.

And….it came home with me.

Surprisingly, the refashion was fairly easy.  The shoulders were already the right width, which simplified things considerably.  I used an existing shirt that fit well and laid it over this one to mark a cutting line.  Two quick seams and a serger later, ta-dah!  A new shirt.


I did decide to add a center dart to make the back fit better.  It is long, but not worth redoing the hem for.  We’ll pretend it was supposed to be that way.


I love my “new” shirt.  And, it came with a little something extra.


As it is 100% cotton and good quality fabric, I cut charm squares from the fabric removed.  What a bonus–perfect color shirt and some quilting parts included!

Explaining The Back

Husband suggested  (read “insisted”) that I should explain the back of the Build-A-Baby Quilt just finished for the son of our Number One Son and his wife.

Number One Son and his sweet wife have been married 10 years.  They were young when they married (22 and 19) and looked forward to starting a family.  In 10 years they have had three miscarriages and no babies.



Very hard.

Finally, after the last miscarriage, they went through an extensive battery of tests with some top notch fertility doctors and were told that the chance of her being able to get pregnant again at all were very small, and the chances of her carrying that pregnancy were essentially zero.



Very hard.

So, they were faced with some decisions.

They were angry, in denial, mourning–all the natural emotions.

Finally, acceptance.

And a plan.

They started saving money.  Adoption is expensive.

$25,000 later, they were ready.

A lot of paperwork.

More waiting.

More hard.

More worry.

Finally, a  call that they had be selected.

Then a call that the baby was coming.  Two weeks early.

Because the birth mother is a smoker, that was a worry.

Plus, the hospital was several hours away.


Later that day, the 16th of July, their tiny baby, William Rockwell T., was born: 5 lbs. 12 oz, 17″ long.

What a wait.

Worth the wait.

And that is the story of the quilt.


How is that the story of the quilt?

Well, the quilt is based on a Carpenter’s Star.


For two reasons:  1. The Best Carpenter has been with them all along and made this all possible by giving them hope and peace beyond understanding.  2. Carpenters build things and there are many right ways to build a family.


And the back?  Well, the back is turtles, because, while it took him a long time to get here, slow and steady wins the race.

So, there you go! That explains the back.

Babies Have Needs

There is a new baby in the family. Number One Son and his wife have been married 10 years and finally welcomed a baby boy to their family this week.

He is a tiny thing, only 5 lbs. 12 oz., but strong and healthy and perfect.

And, he needs a quilt.


Of course.

I knew what I was making but waited to make it until the baby was actually here. I am funny that way. So, the top is done and we are moving forward with quilting plans.

ps–The pattern is Carpenter’s Star, a traditional block, but it is sized specifically for baby and a tutorial is coming soon. Cut scraps or have a charm pack at the ready!

Restful Crochet

This afghan has been a work in progress for a while. With all the resting I am doing these days, I was able to finish it up.


I love the pattern and the colors. You can find the tutorial HERE and enjoy making one yourself.  The tutorial is clear and easy to follow and resize for your own purposes.

It doesn’t have a home yet, but I am sure the right occassion will come along.

ps–My thanks again for all the kind words and suggestions for recovery. I am getting better. Slowly. But trying hard to be patient with life and with myself.

pps–Direct link to tutorial if that works better for you: http://lanasdeana.blogspot.com/2011/12/wave-blanket-pattern.html


Pneumonia Lessons

Things I have learned this week:

1. Oxygen. Is. Really. Important.

2. If your lungs sound anything like a hungry stomach, that is a bad sign.

3. If your lungs sound anything like crunching a bag of potato chips, that is a bad sign, too.

4. Sleep is good.

5. Nebulizers are gross, but helpful.

6. Pneumonia doesn’t always hurt.

7. I have bad side effects from Codeine.

8. Honey is a good alternative to Codeine.

9. It is farther from the bed to the couch than I realized.

10. It takes a long time to get over pneumonia.  The doctor said “One month.”  I said, “How about two weeks?”  He said, “How about 10 days in the hospital?”  I said, “A month sounds good to me.”

11.  I appreciate my friends and their kind words and encouragement.  A lot.  Thank you.

This Week’s News

Last week’s cold turned in to this week’s…


Who gets pneumonia in July? This makes no sense to me, but it is true.

So, even more resting, more to be grateful for, and…not more time to sew. I sleep a lot.  And take breathing treatments.  And sleep some more. Hopefully in the next few days I will be back solidly in the land of the living, but for now I wanted to explain my silence.

Schnibble Finish

Small quilts finish quick.  Simple cross hatch quilting and a binding and, ta-dah!  A finish.


We are having a quiet holiday weekend here.  The children are at the grandparents.  I have a summer cold.  Yuck!  Just resting and appreciating the wonderful place we live and all the blessings we enjoy.  God bless America.